Climbing with Bunga

Help a courageous badger climb to the top of a tree in The Lion Guard: Climbing with Bunga game! Collect the fruit and avoid the branches to keep going!

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About Climbing with Bunga Game

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Help Bunga, the fearless badger, reach the top of the tree in The Lion Guard: Climbing with Bunga game! The cute protagonist is very hungry, and the Baobab fruits look delicious. However, they are quite high up, and your friend needs some help to climb that far. Will you guide him on his quest for tasty food?

Bunga is a ball of energy, so he wants to reach the top of the tree as soon as possible! However, you will have to make sure he stays safe. Move to the left or right to avoid the clumps of leaves, and you will reach your target in no time! Are you confident in your climbing abilities?

How to Play

Unlike real life, it'll be a breeze to arrive at the top of the Baobab. To guide Bunga, you will need to use the Arrow keys on your keyboard. Tap on the Left and Right arrows to move in each direction, and skillfully avoid running into the leaves. That sounds easy as pie, right?

Hurry up because the cute protagonist is starving! To satisfy his hunger, you have to complete all six stages of this adventure. They will increasingly get more difficult, so make sure to pay attention to the screen! You must react fast, or you might run into an obstacle.

Your objective is to help Bunga keep climbing and collect as many fruits as possible. To see how much longer you have until you reach the top, just look at the bar on the bottom of the screen. Keep going, and aim for all the Baobabs! 

Watch out for the leaves because the protagonist's life might run out! You can only run into the branches three times before Bunga will get too tired. If this happens, you will need to restart the current stage.

Now that you understand the basics, it's time to get to work! Hop on the tree, and don't stop climbing until you reach the top!