Handy Manny Games

From hammers to screwdrivers, learn how each tool works and how to fix things just by playing Handy Manny Games! Get to know his tools and see for yourself what it is like working in a repair shop!


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Introducing Handy Manny

If you are the kind that likes to see how things work, or how to fix things, you surely have already heard of Handy Manny. Always wearing his green shirt and his tool belt, he is ready to help at all times. No matter what the problem is he can fix it and if you want to see that with your own eyes you should play some Handy Manny Games!

He owns a repair shop, where anybody can bring their problems for him to try and fix them. There, he has lots of things he uses for his job, from extra pieces of all shapes and sizes to a collection of toasters, all crammed into his shop.

At the same time, the second floor of the same building is the place where he lives and rests. It is like that because he cannot part with this job that he loves doing! He even holds classes there in School for Tools: The Right Tool for the Job Game, where he teaches his tools what their purpose is and how to do things properly. Give it a go yourself and see whether you are up for this career. Learn to pick up tools according to the job you need to accomplish and receive golden stars and even a medal!

Manny is very kind to everybody, especially with his tools. He never refuses to help someone, and he even won a trophy for the best citizen in town for that. No matter what is the challenge, our handy guy accepts it every time, even though sometimes it is not really his field. For instance, in World Music with Manny Game he helps Mr. Chu to repair his jukebox. Its music tags and all the vinyl records got mixed up, and he cannot listen to the proper discs. Well, it is good that you are around to help him match all the songs with the tags.

Besides working in his repair shop, Manny also loves to read, to listen to music and even doing puzzles. Surprized? Well, better not be because there is even a game all about that and it is called Pat's Picture Puzzles Game. Here so many pictures of him and his tools have been turned into awesome puzzles that anybody would enjoy doing. You even get to choose which photo you want!

Meet Handy Manny's tools

For Manny, his tools are no less than his family. He has had them since he was just a child and has been fixing things up using their help for such a long time that they could not be seen otherwise. When he talks to them, he does that just like a father would do with his children. For him, each of them is special.

Felipe, a yellow Phillips-head screwdriver, is one of the most important of them, or at least this is what he thinks about himself. Even though he considers himself essential in every repairing job, sometimes he ends up doing more bad than good. Because he is so sure of himself, he never thinks twice before getting down to a job, and usually, that needs a little bit of thinking in advance.

Turner is a purple flat head screwdriver, that is usually a little bit more on the bossy side, especially to Felipe and his plans. Even though he wants to seem like a tough guy on the outside, he has a soft spot for cats, dogs and also for birds. Every now and then when he gets kissed, he even blushes. 

Another useful tool that cannot miss from a repairman's kit is a hammer. Pat is one of them, and one would describe him as somewhat foolish. Very talkative, idealistic and sometimes even dumb, he is the one who can cheer everyone up with his silly things. Probably everyone except Turner, who often loses his temper because of him.

Always there to chop some wood is Dusty. She is very sharp and has a red handle and acts like a bigger sister for every tool all the time. Just like an older sibling, she is good at giving useful pieces of advice to everybody. She is smart, and she likes to show it.

Let us not forget about Rusty, the monkey wrench. Even though he looks rather tough, he is mostly afraid by everything. He is terrified not to mess up and worries all the time that things will go wrong. This is why he needs constant reassurance from his friends that everything is all right and nobody is going to get hurt.

Besides all those tools there are many other friends in Manny's toolkit. Get to know them all by playing around as much as you can. You are guaranteed that there is no chance that you can get bored while having so much fun with the Handy Manny Games!

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