Sushi Pack Games

Play the Sushi Pack games for exciting adventures in Wharf City! Help your favorite sushi heroes defeat the Legion of Low Tide in this captivating journey.

Join the Adventure with the Sushi Pack crew!

A long time ago, in 2007, the super special TV show Sushi Pack appeared on the CBS channel. The masterminds behind this show, Tom Ruegger and Nicholas Hollander, had this fun and different idea: what if sushi pieces became superheroes?

As you might guess, the funny and special thing about Sushi Pack is that the heroes are sushi! Living in a donut shop with their human buddy Ben, they make sure their home, Wharf City, is safe from any baddies.

Each one has its own special powers, and they always use teamwork to save the day. This show teaches us a big lesson: even if we're little, we can do big things when we work with our friends.

Now, think about how fun joining these sushi superheroes on their missions would be. Well, you can! With the Sushi Pack games, you get to be part of the team, solve interesting puzzles, and have tons of fun, just like the sushi heroes in the show!

There's so much more to explore about these exciting games and our brave sushi friends. Stay tuned as we dive deeper into this amazing world!

Meet the Super Sushi Heroes!

Let's meet our friends from the fun Sushi Pack! They are super cool heroes and work together to fight the bad guys.

First up is Ikura Maki - Orange Salmon. Ikura can shoot sticky fish eggs from his hands. How cool is that? He's usually very calm but sometimes likes to compete with his friends, especially during games. Ikura often looks after Kani because he likes her a lot.

Kani Maki is the next member. She's a Pink Crab. Kani has strong pigtails that look like crab claws and uses them to pinch her foes. Kani and Maguro are best friends as they are the only girls in the pack.

Then we have Maguro Maki - Purple Esper Tuna. Maguro is really special because she has magic powers! She can lift things without touching them and even fly. She says she is 'in tune with her inner tuna'. Maguro is very close to Kani, and they are best friends.

Say hello to Tako Maki, the Blue Octopus. Tako has six long arms and a fake eye patch. Can you believe Tako speaks like he's from England? His special power is shooting ink of many colors. Tako wishes he could use his power to become a famous painter instead of fighting bad guys.

Lastly, we have the tiny but spicy Wasabi Pow. He's the smallest member of the pack and is a little different because he doesn't talk. He makes squeaky noises to say what he thinks. Watch out for his special power: he can shoot fireballs at the bad guys!

Now that you know our Sushi Pack friends, get ready to join them on their exciting adventures! Stay tuned to learn more about their games.

Here are some cool Sushi Pack Games to play!

Just like in their TV show, the Sushi Pack friends also love to play and go on exciting adventures in their online games. These games aren't just super fun; they also teach us cool lessons like working together, being brave, and thinking quickly!

For instance, in the Break the Ice game, our sushi friends are trapped inside big blocks of ice, and they need your help to break free. It's like a thrilling race against the clock, where you need to find the right way to crack the ice and save the day. Just remember, each Sushi Pack member has a different power that can help you solve the puzzle!

Then, there's the Save Our City game, where the naughty Legion of Low Tide is causing trouble in Wharf City again. It's up to you and the Sushi Pack to save the day! You'll need to decide which Sushi Pack members are the best match to face each member of the Legion of Low Tide. It's like being a superhero team manager, deciding which hero is the best to save the day!

Last but not least, our fun-filled adventure takes us into the Beat the Heat game. Here, it looks like the tricky Hot Squad has turned up the temperature and made everything too hot! So you'll get to leap and bounce with our Sushi heroes, grabbing all the chilly things we can find. Are you ready to help the Sushi Pack and beat the heat?

The Sushi Pack show and games are all about having fun and learning important lessons. They teach us that everyone has unique powers, and when we work together as a team, we can overcome any challenge, just like the Sushi Pack!

So get ready. It's time to jump into the world of Sushi Pack and start your own thrilling adventures!

There are currently 8 free online Sushi Pack games on our website. You can play the games on your computer or laptop, using any browser. Some of the games are also available for your tablets or Android and iOS phones.