Flicker Lights the Way

Handy Manny needs your help in Flicker Lights the Way game. Guide him through the rooms of the Greenhouse and turn on the generator before the plants die!

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Oh no! The power is out in the Sheet Rock Hills Greenhouse. The plants that live inside of the Greenhouse need that light and heat to grow properly. This is why Handy Manny needs to make his way through the dark and turn on the power generator to make sure that those plants will not die. You are the only one that can go and guide him with the help of Flicker in the Flicker Lights the Way game.

Go through every room of the Greenhouse and reach the target so that Manny could turn on the lights. Be his right hand and guide him through the chambers so that those lovely plants will not perish.

How to Play

With the use of the four arrows in your keyboard, you can make Manny move. In your journey, you might also encounter some delightful glitter stars. Make sure you find and collect all of the glitter stars so you can gain more points every time. Every now and then, you might get stumbled upon some obstacles in the path. Just make sure you walk around the obstacles in your way so you will not get trapped and remain on the spot. Manny will always be there to tell you exactly how you can be of help so listen carefully and do what he needs you to do.

Each of the rooms is locked with specific golden keys. To visit the next place, you will have to search through the dark for the hidden keys. The first room is only locked with one key so the search will be easy. But as you move through the rooms, the doors will be better secured, and you will have to find three or five keys to open the last two places. The task will slightly increase in difficulty, but Manny will support you, and you will be able to achieve your goal. With the mouse move the light around the chamber and when you see a key, press on it to collect it and open the next door.

So let's go and save the plants in the Greenhouse from dying. Guide Manny in his quest towards the generator and restart the light before it is too late.