Nat Geo Kids: Space Explorer

Try the Nat Geo Kids: Space Explorer game to explore our solar system and learn many fun facts! Can you pass all the obstacles while visiting each planet?

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Who doesn't wish to become an astronaut? If you'd like to explore our galaxy, the Nat Geo Kids: Space Explorer game is the right place for you! You can go from planet to planet and discover all of their secrets! However, other planets are not as safe as Earth, and you may encounter great dangers on your way!

Your role is to use the rocket boosters and search the surface for glowing stars! Also, you will learn many facts about the plants, so make sure you clear all of them! Are you ready to start your space journey and see how much you can learn? If so, let's get your boosters started and begin!

How to Play

Floating around in your space suit is not as hard as it seems. The only thing you have to do is to press your Left Click to ascend when you need to reach high places. Also, release your click to stop the boosters and get down!

Your journey will start from Mercury and go through Venus, Earth's moon, Mars, and the rest of the planets until you reach Neptune! To proceed, collect twenty stars for every place you visit. With some attention, and if you're quick, you might visit the whole solar system in a flash!

Beware of the dangers on every planet! Each one has different challenges. For example, Venus has vulcanos, and Earth's Moon has falling rocks! Whatever your obstacles may be, try to keep your life points intact. You have only three, and you can regenerate them by peaking some hearts up along your way. If you lose all of them, it's game over!

Lastly, don't forget to check out the fun facts about each planet! You can see them after you finish your run. You can also access it from the main menu if you want to remember something! How many new things do you think you'll learn?

Are you ready to start your journey in outer space and discover the planets of our solar system and Earth's natural satellite? Let's get your gear on and start exploring!