Superstellar Space History Timeline

Try the Superstellar Space History Timeline game to expand your knowledge using a presentation made by Miles! How many historical events can you recognize?

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It's time to expand your knowledge, astronauts! Join Miles to learn a plethora of information about space and much more in the Superstellar Space History Timeline game! There is no need for pens and notebooks as the space traveler has prepared everything for you! The only thing that's missing is you!

Miles has put together a presentation of events that every aspiring astronaut needs to know about. Go through all of them and see what new things you can learn. Also, maybe you learned some of the information, so this list is great for remembering everything!

How to Play

Navigating all the events on the list is pretty simple! The list is chronological. You only need your mouse to go through every category. Pretty easy, right? Miles prepared a smooth ride through some of the most important events regarding outer space for you!

Here are the topics you're going to learn about:

 - 1957 Sputnik: The first artificial satellite to orbit the Earth.

 - 1968 Appolo 8: The first crewed spacecraft to orbit the Moon.

 - 1969 Neil Armstrong: The first person to walk on the Moon.

 - 1976 Viking I: The first spacecraft to land on Mars.

 - 1990 Hubble Telescope: Launches into space.

 - 2014 Philae: First robot probe to land on a comet.

Miles has prepared a couple of cool facts about every topic! For example, did you know that Mars' winter pole can become as cold as -200 Fahrenheit? If you go through each of them, you will be one step closer to becoming a great astronaut!

Are you ready to expand your knowledge about some of the most important events in human history? It's time to start learning if you want to become one of the best astronauts! Miles is waiting for you to start this educational journey!