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Try the Never Land Games to help Jake, Izzy, and Cubby clear every challenge on Shipwreck Beach! Can you defeat Captain Hook and win the shining trophy?

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About Never Land Games

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    NuMuKi Browser
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    750 x 500
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Gather around pirates! It's time for a new adventure! Help Jake and his most trusted comrades, Izzy and Cubby, clear a collection of fun challenges in the Never Land Games! However, Captain Hook will try to ruin your plans with every chance he gets. Will you be able to avoid his attacks?

Your job is to help every character fulfill their challenge! Also, avoid every obstacle on Shipwreck Beach and win the trophy at the end! The path ahead is not easy, but for an experienced pirate, nothing is impossible! Let's hurry and get this adventure started!

How to Play

First, we should start with learning the controls! There are two ways to play this game. You can choose to use your mouse or your Arrow Keys! Both will help you to go left or right, so it's just a matter of what you prefer! Also, don't think much about it and focus on the action!

To earn the trophy, you will have to pass the following challenges:

 - Shipwreck Vine Climb: Help Jake go up the vines and ring the bell.

 - Shipwreck Lagoon Rag Race: Assist Izzy in her race against Captain Hook.

 - Pirate Flag Grab: Help the team launch Cubby in the air and gather all the flags.

You will receive a blue ribbon as a reward for every cleared task!

For every task, there are also some obstacles to go through! Cubby will have to keep an eye out for Captain Hook, and you should help him stay clear of him. Jake will have to do the same, but he also has a timer for his challenge! Lastly, Izzy has to come first in the race by avoiding the broken logs, water spirals, and the crocodile Tick-Tock! 

Are you ready to help Jake and his comrades complete every challenge and win the trophy? Let's see if you can earn the three ribbons by facing Shipwreck Beach's most difficult challenges!