Rockin' Roundup

Join the Imagination Movers in the Rockin' Roundup game to help them return all musical notes. Listen to their sounds and put them back in the instruments!

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About Rockin' Roundup Game

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The Imagination Movers are in a heap of trouble in the Rockin' Roundup game! Dave's invention, Super Songomatic, is not working as it should, and it started spraying musical notes all over the warehouse. The crew needs your help to round them all up! Can you land them a hand and save the day?

Your job is to listen to the musical sounds each note plays and return it to the right mover! Rich plays the drums, Scott the keyboard, Smitty plays guitar, and Dave the bass. It might sound easy, but their instrument can change their style, and the notes might not sound the same. Do you think you can recognize them all?

How to Play

Before you start sorting around this mess, you need to know the controls! You only need to use your mouse to grab the musical notes and drag them to the correct instrument! Don't rush, though! Try to have a double-take if you're not sure about your answer. You can also bring a friend to play with you in the two-player mode and have fun together!

There are three stages you will need to clear. First, you will start by sorting the notes for only two band members! Then, you will advance to three and finally to the entire band, and the game will only get more difficult as the number of notes increases. However, it's not a big deal if you make a mistake! It will return to its place, and you can give it another try!

Lastly, every stage has a timer, and you should return every note to its place before it runs out! If you don't, it's game over! However, if you succeed, you will go to the next level and be able to achieve a high score! Will you do better than your friend?

Are you ready to join the Imagination Movers' warehouse and help them catch all the flying notes? Let's see if you can recognize all the sounds and return them to their instruments!