Rhythms in the Warehouse

Join the Movers' crew in the Rhythms in the Warehouse game to learn that everything has a rhythm! From lamps to doors, see what can create the best melody!

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About Rhythms in the Warehouse Game

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Have you ever thought that a lamp or tv has a nice-sounding rhythm? No? Well, in the Rhythms in the Warehouse game, the Imagination Movers crew will show you that even basic objects around your house can make music! Join Dave, Smitty, Rich, Scott, and their friends, and let them show you how to create music without using too many instruments!

Your job is to enter the warehouse and try out all the objects that can have a rhythm. However, you should not overdo it if you want everything to sound good! Will you create some of the best beats using the crew's items?

How to Play

To go around the warehouse, you only need your mouse! Look for the glowing items, and click on them to hear their rhythm! Once they start playing, there is no stopping. So, try to look for sound to match them the best and create a nice-sounding melody! 

The rhythm might get too much to handle while selecting items, and the melody can get ruined. Don't worry, though! Knit Knots can hop into the rescue and stop all the sound if you hit the Quiet Lever. Then you can restart building your perfect rhythm!

Once you create a rhythm that you think sounds the best, you should try to record it! To do this, you can call Nina by pressing the Record Button, and she will take care of everything. When your song finishes recording, she will leave, and you can listen to your creation repeatedly!

Are you ready to join the Imagination Movers crew and see what rhythms you can discover? Let's enter the warehouse and see what you can create!