All Sorts of Fun

Play the All Sorts of Fun game to help Mickey and Minnie clean up their mess after a day of playing! Can you enter every room and sort all items in time?

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About All Sorts of Fun Game

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Mickey and Minnie had loads of fun, but now they need your help to sort out the mess in the All Sorts of Fun game! The whole house is a mess, so this will not be an easy task! However, cleaning will be a piece of cake when the two cute mice are on your side!

Your job is to go around every room to sort every item until everything is tidy! It might not sound like a tough job, but you need lots of attention and patience to get through every challenge! Let's get you into their home and get the tasks started!

How to Play

Luckily, the controls are easy to learn, so you only need to focus on having fun! You only need to use your mouse to click and drag the items into their place.

Sorting things out has never been easier, right? However, you will have to be pretty quick about it, as every challenge has a timer, and if that runs out, you will have to start all over!

There are loads of rooms to clean out, and here is a list with each one's objective:

 - The Library: sort the book from thinnest to thickest or from shortest to tallest.

 - The Closet: sort the Bows by color and pattern.

 - The Craft Room: sort the spools of thread, buttons, and other items by size.

 - The Toy Room: sort the toys by shape.

 - The Fish Tank: sort the fish by color.

Each room has loads of stages that will become more difficult as you progress! Do you think you can sort out everything in time?

What else you should know

If you do a great job sorting, you will get an advantage! For each challenge, you will have a meter for your special ability, Quick Cleaning! Once you complete a task, a big chunk of the meter will fill up, and once it's full, you can use it to clear everything up in a blink of an eye!

Are you ready to enter Mickey's and Minnie's home and help them sort their items? Any job is more fun when you have friends on your side, so let's hurry up to meet them and get things started!