Uncle Knit Knots' Sound Swatter

Play the Uncle Knit Knots' Sound Swatter game to help the Imagination Movers practice their song. Swat the notes to keep quiet and not wake up their uncle!

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About Uncle Knit Knots' Sound Swatter Game

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The Imagination Movers are having problems in the Uncle Knit Knots' Sound Swatter game, and you're the right person to help them! The guys want to practice their new song, but uncle Knit Knots is sleeping in the other room, and they can't make much noise. Luckily Dave's invention is the perfect tool to practice in silence. Can you help them use it?

Your job is to stop the musical notes going through the ceiling vents and wake up their uncle! However, their song is pretty upbeat, and everything will fly quickly. So, you will need sharp reflexes if you want to catch every note!

How to Play

Before you use David's Sound Swatter, you should learn the controls. Here they are:

 - Left Side of the keyboard: Move the left pillow.

 - Right Side of the keyboard: Move the right pillow.

 - Spacebar: Use the Racket Attachment.

To use the pillows, you can hit any key on that side. Also, you can swipe faster if you press many keys simultaneously! However, you can push back the center notes only with the racket.

There will be three stages you will have to clear. Only Dave and Smitty will play their instruments in the first one, so you can quickly swat the notes with the pillows. However, Rich will jump in with his drums and send his sound straight through the middle. At last, Scott will start playing with his keyboards, and his sounds are unpredictable, so you should try to pay close attention to them!

For every note you swipe, you will get some points. By the end of the band's song, you will get to build up a high score! However, if ten notes go past you, uncle Knit Knots will wake up and end your fun. Don't worry, though! You only have o keep up swatting for several seconds. You can check out the timer to see how much you have left!

Are you ready to help the band practice their song without waking up uncle Knit Knots? Let's see if you can control the Sound Swatter and swat all the notes!