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Travel across the board with the Disney Junior cast in the Lucky You game! Spin the wheel, complete the task, and be the first to reach the Clubhouse!

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If you love playing board games, you have to give the Lucky You game a try! The board is split into two sides, one for each player, and you have to race to the Clubhouse balcony. Grab a friend, join your favorite buddies from Disney Junior, and do your best to win! 

Each one of you will need to choose your favorite Disney character to play as, from Mickey and Minnie to Duffy and Daisy, and many others. Your friends are looking to compete, and they want to see who'll win the race first. But this is not a simple chase, because you also need to get lucky! Accomplish every task, move forward, and outrun your opponent! 

How to Play

For your first move, you will need to use your mouse and click on the challenge wheel to give it a spin. Solve your task, and you can finally advance. If you're lucky, you might skip as far ahead as 6 spaces! Doesn't that sound fun?

There are four mini-games for you to try: Spot What's Not, Number Soup, Mouse Ears, and Pattern Parade. Your tasks will include spotting the differences between two pictures or counting the number of items you see. Of course, you will also get to listen to a sound and choose the right animal, or find the missing shape in a row. They will put your skills to the test, so do your best and answer each question right to advance!

As you keep traveling towards the Clubhouse, you might come across a random event such a selling lemonade at a lemonade stand or finding a buried coin. These will make you skip forward 6 spaces, but you need to get very lucky to land on the right spot and trigger them.

If you're confident enough, you can even change your difficulty setting with the grown-up controls. Choose between the easy and medium mode, or even pick the length of your match! You can play this challenge just like a real board game!

Well, are you ready to give it a try? Join Pluto, Mickey, Donald, and the rest of the Disney Junior characters, and begin the challenge!

Good luck!