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In the Disney Bounce game, Mickey and the Disney characters compete in a sports tournament! Try every mission, set some records, and help your team win!

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About Disney Bounce Game

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The competition is on! Your favorite Disney characters are participating in a sports tournament in the Disney Bounce game. Of course, they would love to be teammates with you! Will you join the contest and show off your determination?

Get ready to play sports from inside your house! Whether it's Volleyball, Long Jump, Snowboard, or something else, you have to do your best to set a new record. Focus on the task and prove that you have the best hand-eye coordination skills! If you're a good team player, you might even complete some challenges.

How to Play

Which mission would you like to try first? No matter what your choice is, the controls are the same! You have to grab your mouse and pay attention to the instructions on the screen. Once you're ready, you can try your skills at any of the matches!

Your first step is to choose whether you'll compete alone or with a friend. After that, you will have to pick your favorite character to represent you in the competition. There are 5 challenges in total, and you can unlock 3 fields for each of them. You'll surely be occupied for a while as you play this game!

No matter the challenge, you have to pay attention to the screen and do your best to practice. Getting a high score is difficult, but you will earn some nice rewards! Just do your best to avoid any obstacles in your path, and try not to let your competitors catch up to you!

Once you have finished playing Snowboard, Long Jump, Volleyball, and Down Hill, it's time to unlock the triathlon. This last mission is only for the most skilled players. To reach it, you will have to practice for a long time and complete every other stage. Try not to get discouraged, and keep competing to improve your score!

What do you say? Are you ready to join Mickey, Scrooge, and the others and compete in the tournament? Complete all the stages and see if you are the winner!