Star Wars Rebels: Strike Missions

Don't miss out on the Star Wars Rebels: Strike Missions game for an intergalactic adventure! Lead a two-person team and shoot as many foes as you can!

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About Star Wars Rebels: Strike Missions Game

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Feel the excitement of shooting up storm troopers with the Star Wars Rebels: Strike Missions game! Are you agile and fast enough to fight by the side of the Rebels? There's only one way to find out! Put together your perfect team and try to infiltrate some of the most dangerous locations occupied by the Empire! It'll raise your adrenaline levels!

Are you ready to learn more about your mission? Kallus has captured a sympathizer of the Rebels, keeping him as a prisoner. Naturally, the evil mastermind plans to lure in the Rebels and capture them. Can you help them save their friend without falling into Kallus' trap? There are three chapters with multiple levels for you to explore.

How to Play

Before you can head out on a thrilling interstellar journey, you'll have to choose your team. Who is going to be a captain, and who will support him? You can pick between Ezra and Zeb at first, with more unlockable heroes available. Devise your strategy carefully, as each character has a different speed, power, and health. Can you decide?

Let's start the battle! You can only move the captain of your team. To do so, press the Up, Down, Left, and Right arrow keys. Are you ready to shoot? You can do so by pressing the Space Bar. If you want to perform a special move, hold this button at the right moment. What is more, you can perform a special attack from time to time by pressing X. Finally, dodge a foe's attack by pressing Shift.

Keep a close eye on your health bar, as well as the other items in the top left corner of the screen! While you're here, look at the Special Attack and Special Move bars. If they are full, you can use some cool new moves. Blast the enemies!

There's more you should know!

Have you noticed the bonus goals at the beginning of each level? They encourage you to explore all the features of the game and become an even better intergalactic warrior. For instance, you might need to destroy boxes, revealing power-ups and coins in exchange. How cool!

Speaking of power-ups, you can come across plenty of them in any battle. You should pick them up before they disappear to enjoy their properties. Some will help you shoot faster, while others can fill up your health bar or your special move meter. You'll massacre plenty of stormtroopers with the help of power-ups. 

You'll have a blast fighting by the side of the Rebels! Why would you hesitate when there are so many cool weapons and moves to try? What is more, you can spend the credits you earn to improve your skills and unlock new characters. Check out the achievements as well! Just jump in and see where this intergalactic journey takes you!