Star Wars: Live Fire

Prove you're a talented scout and shooter in the Star Wars The Clone Wars: Live Fire game! Play the role of a star trooper and find the lost data packs!

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Don't miss out on the Star Wars The Clone Wars: Live Fire game if you've always wanted to become a stormtrooper! Even though they are all clones and look the same, their role is vital for the Republic. Can you believe that you get the chance to play one of them?

You and your unit will travel to the planets of Christophsis and Teth. Once you get there, you'll have to fight against the separatist droid forces and gather intelligence for the Republic. It sounds like a mission made just for you!

The game consists of multiple levels, each introducing you to a new place on one of the two planets. Once you land, you have to spend your time exploring every inch of the map, looking for the data packs. However, you won't be alone since each level is riddled with enemy droids. Try to take them all down before they get you!

How to Play

The first step of the game is customizing your trooper. Who said you all have to look the same? Pick a backpack, a collar, and an accent color for your clone trooper. You look so cool!

From the moment you land, you need to keep moving! Use the Up, Down, Left, and Right arrow keys to explore the map. Once you bump into an enemy, press the Space Bar to shoot. However, you should ensure that you're facing the right way first! You can also use grenades by pressing the G key. Ka-boom!

Are you lost? Check the map regularly to see your location and plan a route! All enemies will be highlighted in red, but the data packs are not marked. You'll have to find them yourself! Look in the upper right corner of the screen or press the M button for a larger version.

There's more you should know!

The trick to success in this game is staying alive. Have you noticed the white ring around the stormtrooper? It represents your life. The game ends when it gets depleted!

However, you shouldn't be discouraged. Every time you kill an enemy, you'll get a health boost through the green orb they leave behind. How helpful!

Are you up for this mission? You have a lot to discover and prove if you choose to take it on. Every level will challenge your stealth, precision, and sense of orientation. However, if you manage to recover the data packs, you'll get to see new images and videos from Star Wars The Clone Wars. How exciting!