Yoda's Jedi Training

Play Yoda's Jedi Training game to witness a legendary part of the Star Wars saga! Help Luke pass all of his mentor's tests in this running challenge!

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About Yoda's Jedi Training Game

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Prove your skills as a galactic fighter with Yoda's Jedi Training game! One of the most memorable parts of the Star Wars story is Luke's journey.  Under the guidance of his master, Yoda, the young boy learns how to become a legendary galactic warrior by using the Force. Despite his talent, our protagonist had to train a lot to become a Jedi Master! Are you ready to give him a helping hand?

The game consists of a virtually endless run through the forests of Dagobah. If you are a fan of the genre, the gameplay might remind you of Temple Run! However, you will also be able to enjoy the legendary Star Wars atmosphere in this challenge.

The goal is simple: surpass all the obstacles that come your way, run for as long as possible, and gather points! The more missions you will accomplish, the more progress Luke will make in his training!

How to Play

As is the case with all games in the genre, our protagonist will run automatically. Your job is to jump at the right moments and destroy obstacles. To leap, simply press the Up Arrow. You can also use this control to hop on and off vines and climb cave walls. While in mid-air, hold the Up Arrow to perform a flip for extra points. Impressive!

Don't forget that you'll find many obstacles in your path! Luckily, as a future Jedi, Luke has an awesome lightsaber that he can use to destroy thorns and other dangerous objects. Press the Space Bar whenever you want to use it!

Luke's journey from trainee to X-Wing pilot to Jedi is a tough one! You'll come across many platforms, long jumps, and even moving obstacles. Surpass them with style by using fun tricks, such as the flip and the vine swing!

The extra moves you make will accumulate towards your final score, which you can check out at any time by glancing at the upper left corner of the screen. Don't take too many risks! Just one false move, and you'll need to restart the level!

There's more you should know!

Follow the coins for the best possible route! Besides showing you the correct path, they will help Luke become better. You can then upgrade your protagonist's abilities using your hard-earned points.

Investing in the Force will attract coins, and improving the flip will help you do tricks faster. Finally, you can also widen the range of your lightsaber. That's so cool!

Can you accomplish all 40 in-game missions? They'll help you level up Luke, unlocking new versions of this classic Star Wars hero. Besides, they can also help you earn trophies! For every ten challenges, you get a cool prize that you can display in your virtual gallery. Check them out by clicking on the trophy icon in the main menu!

Can you reach the high score list for this running challenge? Even if it takes a little practice, you'll surely get the hang of it in no time. Besides, even if your best score isn't that impressive, you'll get the chance to become a part of Luke's legendary journey to become a Jedi. Either way, you're going to have a blast!