Galactic Spy: Tatooine

Play the Galactic Spy: Tatooine game to help Watto with his mission of searching for hidden objects! Can you unlock every area and become a skilled spy?

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About Galactic Spy: Tatooine Game

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Head off to a deserted planet and become the world's greatest spy in the Galactic Spy: Tatooine game! Can you help Watto with his tasks and find all the required items? If so, you'll have to start by visiting Mos Espa. Are you ready to begin your mission?

To unlock new areas and visit all of Tatooine, you must first complete your guide's request. Look for your targets, check out your mini-map, and get as much intel as possible. You can even deploy a seeker droid to help out with your search! Do you have what it takes to become a skilled spy?

How to Play

Let's take a look around! To search for your targets, you need to use your mouse. Click and drag your cursor across the screen to move from one area to another. Once you've spotted an object you need, all you have to do is tap on it!

Your goal for today's quest is to find all the required targets and earn credits by completing your missions. Those are valuable because they will allow you to unlock new areas on the map.

Start at the Junkshop, move on to Mos Eisley, and make your way to the final destination: Chalmun's Cantina. Now is your chance to explore every corner of Tatooine!

The more tasks you accept, the higher your pay will be! Complete all of Watto's missions, and you'll reach the end of your quest in no time. As you keep playing, you will improve your seeking abilities. Just go slowly and observe your surroundings to become a galactic spy!

What else you should know

Are you having trouble finding all your targets? If so, you can use the shuffle button to change the ones you haven't located yet! Until you have all five objects, the mission isn't over, so check your map and look closely around you!

If you end up using the seeker druid, remember that it has a 1-minute cool down before you can deploy it again!

If you want to earn even more currency, it's time to solve some bonus missions! Four hidden characters are waiting to give you quests in each area. Complete those, and you can unlock achievements and share them with your friends! How cool is that? 

Are you ready to become a galactic spy? If so, prepare to explore Tatooine and help Watto complete his missions.