Star Wars Rebels: Ghost Raid

Navigate your starship to victory in the Star Wars Rebels: Ghost Raid game! Can you help the crew of Rebels steal supplies from the nasty Imperial troops?

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About Star Wars Rebels: Ghost Raid Game

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Raise your adrenaline levels with the Star Wars Rebels: Ghost Raid game! As the universe is trembling under the reign of the evil Galactic Empire, there is a force that fights back. That's right! I am talking about the Rebels, led by Kanan Jarrus and his crew of misfits. Hop on Ghost, their spaceship, and follow them for an epic adventure!

Are you ready to join in on a mission? One of the best ways to stop the Galactic Empire is to steal their supplies and give them to the Resistance. To do so, you will need to collaborate with all the members of the Rebel team.

Shoot at the enemy ship while also helping Sabine drop bombs at foes below! Next, use the shuttle to protect Zeb as he collects supplies from the destroyed vehicle. Let's give it a try!

How to Play

The first step is to pick out a difficulty level. Do you consider yourself a novice or a hero? We suggest you start by playing the easier version. After you get used to the controls and rules, you'll have a lot of fun with the most challenging difficulty level.

Now, let's embark on a mission! Isn't it impressive that you'll get to visit six different planets? Ryloth, Lothal, Toydaria, Kashyyyk, and Christophses are the foreign planets you'll have to discover.

Let's start piloting Ghost, the rebel ship! Use your cursor to move anywhere on the screen. If you want to shoot lasers, click on the left mouse button. When it comes to dropping atom bombs, press the Space Bar to obliterate the foes under you. When it comes to controlling the Phantom shuttle, simply use your mouse to move and click to shoot.

You'll have to deal with plenty of enemies throughout each level!  Fight through the clusters of enemies and take down the main ship as fast as you can! The more of them you take down throughout your raid, the more power-ups you'll earn. Make sure your ships' health bar doesn't deplete completely, or your run is over!

Join the Resistance against the Galactic Empire! Jarrus and his crew are in dire need of your help. Soon, you'll find out how agile and clever a Rebel needs to be!