Star Wars Rebels: Chopper Chase

Help a busy druid with his tasks in the Star Wars Rebels: Chopper Chase game! Run through the ship, watch out for alerts and solve every mission on time!

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About Star Wars Rebels: Chopper Chase Game

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The Rebels are taking their ship all across the universe, but it needs some maintenance to keep it going. If you wish to help them out, give the Star Wars Rebels: Chopper Chase game a try, and get to work! The helpful droid Chopper handles all the tasks, but it is hard to complete everything on time. Are you confident you can take care of the repairs?

To complete each mission, you will have to use your quick reflexes and ability to stay focused to your advantage! As you travel from one side of the ship to another, more and more tasks will appear. It's up to you in what order you solve them, but if you put them off for too long, Chopper will become very stressed! Can you help him keep calm and do the maintenance work on time?

How to Play

It's time to choose a mission and get started! Guiding the droid around the map might seem simple, but completing all the tasks is no easy feat. Once you see a colorful arrow pop up, just tap on the screen to move closer and closer to it. When you've reached your destination, click on the alert, and you can try a quick mini-game to fix the ship as needed.

Chopper does all sorts of work for the Rebels, from plugging cables to fixing cracks and putting out fires. That's why he has to prioritize the arrows, which start blue, but they will soon change color to yellow or red. Do your best to keep them from running out, or you might get a strike! If you earn too many, the team will have to abort the mission!

At the end of each stage, you will earn some credits, which you can use to buy upgrades. These will make the droid much stronger, and it will work more efficiently. The boosts include completing mini-games quicker, making Chopper move faster, or getting upset more slowly. You can also unlock higher-level missions, which will put your skills to the test even more!

What else you should know

If you wait too long to do your tasks, the alerts will become yellow or even red. As this happens, the hard-working droid will become more and more stressed and might even throw a fit! This is why it's best to head towards each arrow right when you see it. Don't get discouraged if you can't keep up at first, because you will soon work as fast as a busy bee!

Are you having trouble with the missions? While some tasks are less challenging, others can take a while to master, such as helping Chopper land on the pad safely. Still, if you can't solve your friend's duties before time runs out, you can abort the mission and move on to the next challenge!

Well, are you ready to join the Rebels and travel across the universe together? If so, you also have to lend their hard-working druid a hand and keep the ship in good condition!