Star Wars Avatar Creator

Design a custom intergalactic hero in the Star Wars Avatar Creator game! Choose the perfect body, face, hair, and clothes to create an avatar with a story!

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About Star Wars Avatar Creator Game

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Embark on a journey of creativity in the Star Wars Avatar Creator game! Have you ever imagined a new hero in this epic intergalactic saga? Now you have the chance to bring it to life, thanks to this fascinating character customizing challenge. Enjoy the exquisite details and smooth graphics as you let your imagination run wild!

The game includes six categories of customizable features for your avatar. First, you have to decide on a male or female body type. In the following tabs, you can give your character a make-over, then change their hair, outfit, accessories, and background. By the end, you'll have an impressive hero ready to take on any adventure!

How to Play

What sets this game apart is that you can create an awe-inspiring hero even if you're not talented at drawing. All you have to do is use your mouse to choose one of the categories. Click on the arrows to view all the available options, then make your pick!

Any character needs a good color scheme. When it comes to this challenge, you're in luck! Almost every item can change its color to any other shade. Just click on the spectrum in the lower right area of each menu to choose a hue!

As you can see, you can also adjust the brightness to your liking. Alternatively, you can also put in a hex code for a color. How clever! What is more, some features, such as skin color, will offer you some recommended options based on the race of your avatar.

Get ready to start the make-over! Do you want your hero to be human or alien? Choose one of the nine available races, then move on to the other features of the face. You'll notice that new options will appear, depending on the hero's race. For instance, you can pick Lekku tattoos or Zabrak horns for your avatar. How exciting!

However, there are some basic features that you can pick no matter what kind of hero you create. The eyes can take on various shapes, and you can even color them differently. Select an eyebrow style, a nose, and lips to give your hero its defining features.

Don't forget to explore the unexpected make-over categories too! You can add scars, various implants, make-up, or markings. How creative!

There's more you should know!

Are you ready to head to the salon? You can create the perfect hairstyle by combining the options for the top, the bottom, and extras such as braids and ponytails. Naturally, you can pick out a shade for each of these elements. Besides, some races have unique options in this category, like headdresses. 

Even an intergalactic warrior needs to dress to impress! Look at the outfit options and choose the style that best fits your hero and their story. Next, click on the button at the bottom of the screen to pick the color scheme for your outfit, customizing each element in turn.

Are you ready for the finishing touches? Choose a weapon for your character, accessories, and even a companion, from the miscellaneous tab. Each new detail will bring life to your hero and make them even more authentic and fascinating!

Finally, pick a background that compliments the design you've worked so hard on! You can add another storytelling element by choosing one that suggests a place, like a forest or the inside of a spaceship. On the other hand, you can choose a simple design if you want the hero to stand out. 

Once you finish, click the yellow camera button to save your creation. Don't hesitate to print it and show it to your parents and pals! After all this hard work, your Star Wars avatar is truly awe-inspiring!