Force Jump Training

Help Obi-Wan train for his future adventures in the Star Wars: Force Jump Training game! Can you jump from one platform to another before time runs out?

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Obi-Wan Kenobi must train for his next adventure in the Star Wars: Force Jump Training game! The Jedi is ready to try a new simulation device and test his jumping skills before he's needed in battle again! Not only that, but Obi-Wan must be an example warrior for all the young Padawans! However, he needs your aid to make the jumps! Will you join him?

Your goal in this game is to help Obi-Wan jump from one platform to another while defeating droid holograms! You will face many challenges, and your memory will be tested, but with some practice, you'll master the art of jumping!

How to Play

You will need your mouse and keyboard to help Obi-Wan train. To begin with, use your mouse to angle and select the power of your jump. Then, click to launch Obi-Wan toward the next platform. You can click again to slow him down and help him land if your jump is too powerful!

Every now and then, you might encounter some flying Droids while you jump. If any of them gets in your way, press Spacebar to destroy them with the Lightsaber.

The training won't be easy as you'll have to deal with different types of platforms and guess the trajectory of your jumps. After the first few launches, the helping guideline will slowly vanish until it completely disappears, so you'll have to trust your instincts.

During your journey, you'll notice many types of platforms. However, only the blue ones are solid and safe to land on. The green ones keep disappearing, and the red ones are constantly moving!

What else you should know

The bottom of your screen displays the time limit before the level ends and the number of lives and breaks you can consume. You must finish all the jump challenges within the level before the time runs out.

Using the Left-Click, you can apply air brakes whenever you need to during a leap. However, keep in mind that the number of brakes you can use is limited. These are consumed whenever you don't complete a jump arch and slow Obi-Wan down.

Lastly, you'll lose a life each time you fall off the platforms. When all of them are gone, it'll be game over.

Now that you know all the tricks, will you help the powerful Jedi complete his training? It's all on you, young Padawan!