X-Wing Run

Try the Star Wars: X-Wing Run game to pilot the starfighter on a journey through outer space! Can you destroy every enemy to assure the universe's safety?

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Enter intergalactic warfare by piloting one of the most iconic starfighters in the Star Wars: X-Wing Run game! However, flying through the galaxy in times of battle is not an easy job! Will you be able to go through all the obstacles and keep the ship intact?

Your path is full of enemy ships and obstacles you must take down! The universe's safety is on your shoulders, so you best prepare your sharp reflexes if you want to be a great pilot! It's time to get you in the X-Wing starfighter's cockpit and start this intergalactic battle!

How to Play

Piloting a ship of this caliber is no joke! Luckily, the controls are not that hard to learn. The X-Wing will shoot by itself, so you only need to use the Arrow Keys to move it in any direction! Also, try to pay attention to the incoming foes and obstacles to dodge them with ease.

Your role is to cover as much ground as possible while destroying the enemy ships! However, you have to pay attention to your health level. If you get hit by something, you will lose a big chunk of your health. A couple of hits, and your ship will blow up!

There will be a plethora of enemy ships you will encounter! Some will be small and quick that you can take down with a couple of shots. Others are big and slow, and you will have to shoot them for a while before you destroy them! Your last obstacle is the space rocks that will be in your way, so try to get rid of them quickly!

Your last objective is to make sure you reach a high speed! As you go on, the engines will get stronger, and you will be able to cover more space faster! However, if you get hit by a ship or rock, your speed levels will go down, and you will have to build it up again!

Are you ready to jump into the intergalactic battle and see if you can pilot the X-Wing starfighter? The universe's fate is in your hands, so do your best!