What are the most popular Disney XD Games?

  1. Take Back the Falls
  2. Hero Trip
  3. Rumble's Revenge
  4. Villains Unite!
  5. PinesQuest
  6. Mystery Shack Mystery
  7. The Twin Mystery Vortex of Doom
  8. Attic Stuff Golf
  9. Fright Night
  10. Li`l Gideon Shrinks Back

What are the best Disney XD Games to play on mobile devices?

  1. Take Back the Falls
  2. Hero Trip
  3. Villains Unite!
  4. The Twin Mystery Vortex of Doom
  5. Attic Stuff Golf

Get ready for action!

If you're an energetic kid who's always ready for action and on the move, you'll love the Disney XD games! The TV network was launched in 2009, having in mind children just like you. More precisely, the channel targets children between 6 and 14 who enjoy action-packed shows.

Featuring both animated and live-action series, Disney XD offers preteens and teens a stimulating way to spend their free time. Aren't you excited to join in on the fun and befriend quirky heroes? Keep reading to learn more!

Compared to other Disney sister channels, this network stands out thanks to its bold and upbeat shows! With a focus on all the trends of the 2010s, Disney XD featured extreme sports and daring music, like rock and rap. As a result, the channel quickly became a favorite among hip kids and teens.

As you can imagine, most fans are boys. However, the network and games are for everyone who likes to live adventurously. Give them a try and see if you are spirited enough to keep up!

As time passed, Disney XD evolved to keep up with the times and tastes of its fans. Namely, they kept all the spunky energy and added new popular series that fit the channel. Fearless characters, thrilling sports, tense battles, and high-tech inventions are just a few elements that define the new direction. Maybe you'd like a taste of that dynamic and fun-filled life! If so, don't miss out on all the fun games in this category!

So many thrilling series to try!

What do all the series on Disney XD have in common? They all focus on curious characters who don't hold back when faced with a challenge. Even if most heroes are boys, a few adventurous girls join their teams. Besides, you'll meet all sorts of robots, aliens, monsters, and bizarre creatures! Get ready for adrenaline, adventure, and, naturally, a lot of silliness!

Out of all the series featured on Disney XD, Gravity Falls is perhaps the most famous and praised. It's easy to understand why! It follows two 12-year-old twins, Dipper and Mabel, as they visit their great-uncle Stan in a mysterious town where strange and paranormal events keep happening. How curious! Join them to uncover some creepy local mysteries. They'll surely raise your heart rate and test your wits!

Phineas and Ferb are another pair of renowned animated siblings featured on Disney XD. Their personalities truly embody the essence of the channel. Namely, the boys spend all their time coming up with outlandish plans and putting in 110% to fulfill them. With an evil genius and a tattle-tale sister trying to stop them, Phineas and Ferb need a little help. Join in their plan and enjoy all the fun and chaos that comes with each of their inventions!

Are you ready for something even more extreme? Then you should meet and hang out with Kick Buttowski, a 10-year-old thrill-seeker who will do anything to prove he is the ultimate daredevil. Have you ever jumped with a motorbike over flaming cars? What about launching yourself from a cannon? Experience these adrenaline rushes and many more alongside Kick and his friend, Gunther!

Take fun to the extreme with the Disney XD games!

What makes these games stand out is the wide range of thrilling challenges you can take on with no risks!  Most of them would be extremely dangerous or impossible to perform in real life. If you've ever wanted to try extreme sports or to be chased by a monster, this is the place for you!

Above all, adventure is the name of the game in this category! Therefore, you should grab a great dose of courage and curiosity before joining. Who knows what monstrous or creepy guys you'll come across? You have a chance to prove that you have what it takes to fight terrifying monsters and survive intense battles! If you feel ready to test your bravery, head to Gravity Falls games and try the Take Back the Falls game!

Have you ever wanted to drive a lightning-fast and dangerous vehicle? Whether we're talking about driving a race car, a battle plane, or a high-tech motorbike, you'll have the chance to take them out for a spin. How exciting! You don't even need a license or driving skills! If you think you have what it takes to take on the ultimate piloting challenge, become the captain of a famous spaceship in the Star Wars Rebels: Ghost Raid game!

Lastly, humor and adventure mix so well together! That's why you'll find fun or silly elements in almost every challenge. Even the most dangerous villains can look extremely silly. For example, try to bring down a baddie that looks like an enormous baby with Penn Zero and his team in the Babypocalypse Smash game!

Anyone with a sense of adventure will enjoy testing their limits with the Disney XD games! With so many thrilling activities to try, they finally have a place to have fun and take out all their extra energy!

There are currently 61 free online Disney XD games on our website. You can play the games on your computer or laptop, using any browser. Some of the games are also available for your tablets or Android and iOS phones. Here you can see the games 1 - 30.