Counterfeit Cat: Nine Lives

Try the Counterfeit Cat: Nine Lives game, and explore new worlds alongside Max and Gark! Can you complete every stage while grabbing all the golden coins?

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About Counterfeit Cat: Nine Lives Game

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Jump in on the action alongside Max and his friend, Gark, in the Counterfeit Cat: Nine Lives game! The big yellow cat is up for a new adventure in a new world and needs your help. However, many foes will try and slow you down. Can you get past them and help Max get back to safety?

Your role is to ensure that the self-centered cat gets out of this adventure in one piece! Defeat the upcoming enemies, and gather many points while at it. Also, you will have to clear every stage of each world! Do you think you can handle all of this action?

How to Play

Firstly, let's start with the controls! Max will run by himself, and your concern is to use the X key to attack and the Spacebar to jump. Also, you can try out combos by pressing them together! For example, press the Spacebar, then hit the attack key to perform a kick in the air. At the same try, you can try to double press the Spacebar to drop on your foes with maximum power!

The game has two worlds you can explore, Ham Fight and Aaah-ppliances. Each has ten stages you need to clear if you want to complete the game! Also, try to collect loads of coins to achieve a high score. Don't worry! You will have plenty of time to adjust and get used to every aspect of the game.

There are two ways to deal with the foes that will try to stop you! The first one is to try and dodge them and reach the safe point as quickly as possible. The second one, and the most fun, is to attack and defeat them. Each will drop coins after you deal with them, so the more you beat up, the higher your score!

There is more you should know!

At the final level of every world, you will have to face the last and most powerful foe! This one might not go down as easy as the others, so look for ways to get rid of them. Also, mind your health bar! A cat has nine lives, but if you are not careful, those can drain really fast.

Lastly, you can get a helping hand from Gark if you find and smash the crate in which he's hidden! Once you meet him, he will make you invincible, and you can go through every enemy and obstacle without a scratch!

Are you ready to start the journey? Be aware of the obstacles and enemies, and see if you can explore the two worlds and collect every golden coin. An adventure of a lifetime awaits!