Drone after Dark

In the Drone after Dark game, Connors's stealth drone gets confiscated by his teacher, Mr. Spanks! Can you help him get it out of the school?

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About Drone after Dark Game

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Attention gamers! Mr. Spanks confiscated Connor's drone in the Drone after Dark Game, and he needs a helping hand to get it back! Fortunately, the drone is still on, and you need to pilot it out of the school and give it back to Connor.

On your way, you will encounter many obstacles that may damage Connor's Phantom Ops 3 replica stealth drone. Make sure the prized possession gets out with no damage. Do you think you're the right person for this mission? If so, get ready for the action!

How to Play

Don't worry! The controls for the drone are pretty simple! You only need your mouse. To float upwards, touch anywhere on the screen. To go down, release your mouse.

Firstly, you got to pay attention to your energy level because it will automatically decrease as you go on. Keeping a full energy bar depends on how many batteries you accumulate along your way.

Don't let your guard down! You will encounter obstacles that you'll have to avoid, such as paper planes, falling crayons, and the school's defense system. There will be many, so watch out! If you get hit, you will lose energy, and some will even destroy the drone in one strike.

Escaping the school will require access codes. To acquire them, you need to collect all the parts that you will find on your way. After you get a complete code, you will have to introduce it in the school system to get past the gates. Be fast! You only have ten seconds.  

There's more you should know!

You will find different tools to help you on your way. Some may attract more batteries others will make you invisible to the school cameras, and some will even protect you from attacks.

After every code you enter, you will have a bonus stage where you can either increase your score or pick up a tool to help you. After this stage is over, you will also receive a boost, so don't worry if you don't perform so well in those stages. You will win something anyway!

There are no levels in this game, but you will always be in a race against yourself. You will have to beat your last high score, but there is more! There are achievements that you will complete along your way! If you want to check how many you've got, you will find the achievements list in the main menu.

Do you think you can pilot the Phantom Ops 3 replica stealth drone out of the school and get it back to Connor? Put your pilot hat on, buckle up and get ready because this will not be a steady flight!