Fright Night

Be brave and stand against the mysteries of the night in Fright Night Game. Collect all the oddities and help Grunkle Stan refill the Mystery Shack!

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About Fright Night Game

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Do you want to be a fearless wanderer and discover the mysteries that hide behind the shadows of the night? Then the Gravity Falls: Fright Night Game is the perfect adventure for you!

Grunkle Stan is running low on oddities at the Mystery Shack, and he decided to send Mabel and Dipper in a quest to find him the missing ones that would refill his stack. Before you begin the game, you can select the character that you want to play. Whether you wish to play as Dipper or Mabel, it is up to you. The other sibling will accompany you all the way through your adventure.

How to Play

Explore every place on the map, search in the Forest, by the Lake, through the Crystal Caves and finally, even in the Mystery Shack. Collect all the oddities from each level. Be careful, because, in the dark, the objects you are looking for appear solely as silhouettes. Some silhouettes, though, might not hide the oddities, but gnomes, bats and other creatures of the night that can shorten your life.

The commends are straightforward. Use the "right" and "left" arrows to move forward or backward,  the "up" arrow to jump and the "down" arrow to go down. Defend yourself against those evil creatures that might occur using the flashlight by pressing and holding the spacebar. With the powerful light of your spotlight, you can also activate the magical elevators or the mushrooms that can help you find all the hidden places.

Do not forget the first rule of wandering in the night: be back before sunrise! Accomplish your mission and find the uncovered mysteries before the sun comes out. If you do not manage to collect all the oddities hidden in the dark before sunrise, do not panic, because you can pick up where you left off after restarting the level.

Useful tips

Make sure to take some photos by the totem or anywhere else, so that you can keep a record of the places that you visited.  If you are powerful enough, you might even receive some awards by the end of every accomplishment. Every oddity, photography or trophy that you collect can be seen in your personal catalog.

The darkness stands no chance against you! Start your adventure alongside Mabel and Dipper, write your own story, collect memories, trophies and most importantly: collect all the oddities for the Mystery Shack!