Waddles Food Fever

Try the Waddles Food Fever game to send Mabel's pig flying to grab many treats. Use the help of Soos, Stan, and the rest to keep him up for a long time!

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About Waddles Food Fever Game

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Gravity Falls is a place where you can't get bored! In the Waddles Food Fever game, Mable's hugged her beloved pig so hard that she sent him flying! However, the skies are full of treats and sweets, so Waddles wants to spend as much time as possible in the air. Do you think you can help him?

Your role is to guide the cute flying pig and keep his belly full! Also, you will get loads of help from Mabel's family and friends like uncle Stan, Soos, and many others! Who knows how much you will keep Waddles in the air with the whole town by your side?

How to Play

Before you start the adventure, you should go through the controls! Firstly, Mable will quickly grab Waddles for you, and then a meter will appear to pick an angle of the throw. Right after, you will have to try and set the force of the pig flight! You can do every action with just a tap of your mouse!

Once Waddles is in the air, the action has started! Your goal is to keep him up for as much as possible. To do this, try to aim for the balloons so he can bounce on them, or boost him up yourself. Also, if he is close to the ground, he can jump on the running gnomes.

Mable's friends will come in handy when the cute pig is in trouble! Dipper, Stan, Wendy, and Soos will wait on the ground and give Waddles a big boost if he lands on them. On the other hand, Pacifica will try to chain poor Waddles and end the fun! Luckily, Mable will always be there to save him!

There is more you should know!

While in the air, there will be many foods Waddles would like to try! Candies will be worth five points each, while vegetables will be worth double! You will have three tries to grab as many as possible and add the points to your final score. Also, you might even get some achievements if you have a flawless performance!

Lastly, your final help is the power-ups! They will be floating around from time to time, and it would be a shame to miss them. Here is a list of all of them:

 - Time traveler: After the pig stops, it gets Waddles back to the point he picked up the power-up.

 - Super Waddles: The cute pig can fly freely like a superhero for some time.

 - Candy Rain: Loads of candy will fall from the sky for a few seconds.

Do you think you can try them all out?

Are you ready to enter one of the craziest adventures in Gravity Falls and see for how long you can keep Waddles Flying? Mabel, Dipper, Uncle Stan, and the rest are all waiting to see your performance!