Li`l Gideon Shrinks Back

Play Li`l Gideon Shrinks Back
Play Li`l Gideon Shrinks Back

About Li`l Gideon Shrinks Back Game

Li`l Gideon seeks vengeance on the Pines Family in Li`l Gideon Shrinks Back Game. He has constructed a new growth flashlight, shrunk all the members of the family and abducted Grunkle Stan. Mable and Dipper need your help to save him and grow right back!

Firstly, you will have to find Li`l Gideon`s hiding place by exploring each and every corner of the house: the Outside Mystery Shack, the Basement and the Inside Mystery Shack. You begin the levels with three lives. At the start of every level, you can choose your character so you can play as either Mabel or Dipper. The other sibling will always be there initially, to give you advice and guide you through your quest.

Activate the magical crystal shards by pressing the spacebar so you can shrink or grow a small amount. This will help you escape the monsters, slip through the tight places of the house and gain access to the giant gummy koalas that lay in remote areas. The "left" and "right" arrows are used for moving forward and backward, and the "up" arrow, for jumping.

Collect all the giant gummy koalas. As you advance through the levels, the number of the giant gummy koalas that you will be able to find will increase. But watch out for the caterpillars, the cockroaches, the spiders and all the other dangers that await you around the corner, for they will take one of your lives. Fear not, though! Because by jumping on the evil monsters, you can make them disappear. After that, they will not bother you any longer. The Goat and Captain Waddles will represent a challenge for you at the end of the first two levels because they are in the power of Li`l Gideon now. In the last level, be sure to climb the squishy folds formed on Li`l Gideon`s coat and catch all the feathers, because you will use them to tickle Li`l Gideon in order to defeat him and bring Grunkle Stan back.

Be determined, courageous and begin your quest to find Li`l Gideon`s hiding place, along with Mabel and Dipper Pines. Do you have what it takes to bring the Pines Family back to the normal size and put an end to Li`l Gideons` mischievousness?

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