Take Back the Falls

Dipper and Mabel's city is in danger in the Take Back The Falls Game! Move around and kick enemies until you manage to defeat all the evil mutant minions!

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If you are here, then I bet you were looking for another unusual Gravity Falls challenge! Well, you can be sure that you have just found it in the Take Back The Falls Game! This one is dedicated to those who are very committed to a goal and can get through any difficulties on the way, just like Dipper and Mabel.

The main idea is to fight the evil forces that are now ruling over Gravity Falls and started to spread all those weird monster minions all over the place. Well, nothing is what it used to be back in the times. The only ones that can help now are our two little heroes, their faithful friends and you!

How to Play

Choose between the Dipper and Mabel twins according to their power and speed levels, depending on which one of them you need the most. After that, go ahead and see what the game is about. Level one is quite simple, all you have to do is use is your mouse. To move, click anywhere you want, and your character will follow accordingly and attack by clicking on the enemy repeatedly. There are also some special kicks, swipe up or down to knock down them or up to punch them up in the air, those will guarantee you extra points and damage.

When the minion is finished, it will drop down and display a crossed eye. Only then you can be sure that it won't hit back anymore. After you defeat the first few enemies, you will go to the next stage. There you will confront with new kinds of naughty things, but do not be intimidated by them. They only look scary and dangerous.

Oh, whenever you will see barrels lying around, go ahead and give them a kick because they are most probably hiding power-ups that will come in handy in the battle.

When an enemy dies, it might leave behind some orange or blue balls, collect them for extra health and points. Always look once in a while on the top left corner of the screen because there's the life bar and it tells you how many lives you have got left.

Use the power-ups to your advantage!

Level two starts with choosing the power-ups that you have received after passing the previous level. You will get an Extra Armor that will keep you safe and will reduce the amount of damage that you receive from the minions. The next one is called Reflecting Shield and as you might have already guessed it enables you to reflect any projectile thrown at you during the fight.

The next thing that you get is the Shadow  Clone, which will replicate any kind of attack that you do while you play. The last one is called Assist, and it will make one of your friends come and give you a hand with all those nasty mutants. He or she will drive over all the remaining enemies on the battlefield, ultimately killing them. 

All the skill powers are activated depending on how many combos you can make. The bar will fill while you are beating stuff around you, enabling thus the power-ups one by one.  While they work, you will see a glowing circle around you. That is the moment when you are probably almost invincible. 

Useful Tips and Tricks

Throughout the game, you will collect different pieces of equipment for the ultimate weapon which you and your friends are building in order to defeat the final boss. At the end of each level, you will get a grade according to your score, so try to beat as many nasty things with which you come across. This way, not only that there will be less evil, but it will assure you a better mark in the end.

Remember that you can always change the character that you are playing with! Later in the game, there will appear some more dangers. Namely, on the ground, there will be all sorts of traps, and if you step on them at the wrong time, they will give you some significant damage. So beware of gazers and rocks for your own good.

The sixth level is going to be the most difficult. Here you won't have any power-ups to help you win against the evil forces, only your skills. You will fight against huge monsters like Shackbot. Oh, and I almost forgot to mention that you will not be able to renew your life. No more healing this time, so keep your life bar as full as possible because every bit counts.

Try your best to pass over all those challenges and defeat all those bad guys that took over the city, turning everything upside down. Good luck!