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About PinesQuest Game

You know what they say, the end of an adventure is just the start of another one. That is the case in PinesQuest too. Dipper and Meg have just escaped from a near-death challenge, and now they have found themselves trapped in an even bigger trap. Who set it up for them? Play and find out what is really happening in this unusual place.

Move around the area using the arrows, and seek help from other characters. At first, see what you can find out from the Mystery Shack and from Stan, but I warn you, he is not the most helpful person you will ever meet. Try your luck with Soos after you went outside, he will give you a quest to initiate you to the game and how things work around here. Do as he tells you and you will also receive some items that will help you around. Avoid the gnomes that crawl around all the place, they are very territorial creatures and do not like humans going around their business. Once you get the sword in the stone though, you will be able to cast them away by attacking them whenever you press the space bar, until then, do not get near! Venture from quest to quest deeper and deeper into the adventure, and go into the mancaves, there you will find unusual creatures that look like bulls or minotaurs. They are also dangerous, way more than the gnomes, those can also throw stones at you and if you are close enough, even attack you. Carelessness will cost you precious life that is really hard to find.

Complete Chutzpar`s challenge and acquire a grappling hook, it will help you grab things that are further away from you, including treasures. As you advance things will get more and more creepy and the creatures more dangerous. The villain names the Programmer is messing with everything because he feels that you are getting closer. This is why things will start to glitch. Try to solve the quests to upgrade your powers to be able to get through stone walls and to float over the river. After doing everything right, you will undoubtedly get to the boss. It will prove to be the ugliest creature you have seen recently. Part spider part giant. Besides being extraordinarily ugly and unappealing, he also happens to be extra powerful. He will try to jump over you to cause you harm, and occasionally he will throw boulders everywhere. Try to anticipate his next moves to get hurt less and to lose less life. It will need quite a good amount of hitting until its life bar will be emptied completely. Because he is dying, he will try to defend himself even harder, so you will have some troubles in putting this big boy down. After you defeat it, you will read a nice story that tells what you have done but in a legendary manner.

In the end, you will also see how long it took you to finish the game, and if you have collected all the Bills, you will be able to see a hidden message. Go ahead and find it out!

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