Hero Trip

Help your friends escape from a strange place in the Hero Trip game. Gravity Falls' characters need your help to go back home in the shortest time!

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About Hero Trip Game

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Some strange things happen in Gravity Falls, and Mabel with Dipper together with some friends want to discover what is going on. It looks like they are captive in a world from where they cannot escape. In the Hero Trip game, you have to help your favorite characters get back home. They really wish to leave the universe they are in right now.

Before you start the game, you have to choose the team you want to play with. Pick three different characters to make the team, and after that get ready to play.

How to Play

Each character has a specific color. You need to bring each hero to his corresponding doorway. This is pretty much straightforward since the exit matches the color of the protagonist. Once you finished bringing one person, the game will automatically move to the next person until you got the three of them safe.

Each character has a weapon that he can use to make his work more accessible. Be careful not to fall because you will die. At the end of the level, you will receive a surprise if you do not die during the level. 
Try your best to finish the levels in the shortest time possible. You will collect more stars in this way, and you can beat your record.

You will have to work in pairs if you want to win. You can move the characters using the arrow keys from your computer, and you can jump by pressing the Z key. The X key will make you use your armaments, but you can also click on the weapon on the screen.