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This is a game for those who like to live a life at high speeds. Get on this old golf cart and have the adventure of your life in Mystery Tour Ride Game! Control the golf cart using the arrows on the keyboard, and get to the finish line in no time.

This game has many ups and downs literally! This is why you have to keep the vehicle at a constant speed of over 10 mph; otherwise, it will stop, and you can bet that it will not start again too soon. Press the up arrow to float more and the down one to dive and gain more speed when there is a fall. 

Join the adventure together with Dipper and Mabel!

Quick reflexes are a must here because on the road there will be lots of debris and god knows how many other things that were left lying around. If you hit one of these, they will make you lose a considerable amount of speed and if you are unlucky enough, even to lose the game. Great achievements come at a great prize!

On your way collect as many coins as you can, they will lead the way and will also give you points. Here and there will also be some trophies, a compass, some binoculars, and a camera. Those three are very special and to get them you might sometimes even need to replay the level, so be on a lookout for them.

The most exciting things around are the power-ups. Be it a rocket, a UFO or a monster head they will give you some much-needed boosts that will get you to the end in no time.