Sticker Defender

You are under attack in Sticker Defender Game! Defeat the invader waves placing the stickers strategically. Use the power-ups to your advantage!

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About Sticker Defender Game

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Defend your home against evil guys in Sticker Defender Game! The invaders are coming fast, and they want to pass through that gate as quickly as possible. Choose the appropriate Disney XD sticker and place it on the battlefield strategically to damage more of those ugly things.

Each type of sticker has its distinctive traits. Those with yellow borders will have the most powerful attacks, but they can only do that only when they are in direct contact with the enemies who are fighting against. The ones that have blue borders will not do as many damages as the previous ones, but they are not to kid with! They can attack from greater distances so they will cause some trouble too. The enemies will have no idea who is attacking them constantly. The stickers with green borders are probably the least dangerous, but they will undoubtedly play a big part in the whole defense plan because they will slow down anyone who dares to come too close to them.

Tips and Tricks

After being defeated, some of the enemies will drop some coins. Collect them as fast as you can because they will disappear in no time. If you gather enough of them, you will be able to buy power-ups without which the game will be much more challenging to win.

Once in a while, some new things will appear in your sticker inventory such as clocks that will slow the invaders down or bandages that will mend your defenders. Use them to give your performance a little boost and do not be afraid to give all you have got.

Good luck taking down all the invaders!