Dance Dance Lord Hater

Try the Dance Dance Lord Hater game to help Wonder keep up with the party! For how long will you keep everyone off the stage and match the lights?

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About Dance Dance Lord Hater Game

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Wonder has been to a great party, and he needs your help to keep dancing in the Dance Dance Lord Hater game! However, being the soul of the party is not as easy as you think. Can you join the hero of the Wonder over Yonder show and help him get through this challenge?

Your role is to keep Wonder dancing as much as possible by matching the lights! Also, keep anyone that wants to intervene away from the stage. Sylvia may come to the rescue if everything gets out of hand, so don't worry! Try to have as much fun as possible and see how much time you can last!

How to Play

Firstly, let's start with the controls! Press the Left Click to match the color of the lights with the others and keep Wonder dancing. Also, tap on any Watchdog that tries to come on stage and ruin your fun. Don't worry! As you play, your reflexes will adjust, and you get the gist of the challenge.

Your role is to match the color of the lights with the ones of the other dancer! You may start from one color and end up combining all three. Just focus on the other person and change the color quickly to keep the party going! Also, you will build up a strike that will increase your point meter. If you miss, the meter will go down, and when it's empty, it's game over!

Keep the Watchdogs away from the stage! Lord Hater's little helpers will try to ruin your performance. Try to get rid of them before they will zap the light controls! If they succeed, you will not be able to use them. Sylvia will come in handy as she will fly across from time to time and clear every Watchdog!

There is more you should know!

Also, as you party along, the intensity will grow higher and higher! After some time, a Groove Up sign will pop up, and the difficulty will increase. Don't worry, though! Your reflexes may adapt to it fast, so sometimes it will feel like nothing really happened!

Also, depending on your progress, you might earn some achievements! For example, you can get one for playing five times or poking some Watchdogs. There are many prizes to get, so play as many times as you need and collect them all! You can always check how many you need in the achievement menu!

Are you ready to get on the dancefloor and start the challenge? You will have a long party ahead, so make sure everything is clear! Will you be able to get past every stage?