Penn Zero: Babypocalypse Smash

Try the Babypocalypse Smash to help Penn Zero and his team distract baby Rippen from smashing the toys! Will you clear the path and get everyone to safety?

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About Penn Zero: Babypocalypse Smash Game

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Penn Zero and his team need your help to rescue all the toy animals from baby Rippen in the Babypocalypse Smash game! However, they also transformed into toys, so the job is much more challenging than you think! Do you think you can put up with the challenge?

Your job is to distract the giant baby and get each fluffy creature to safety! Also, timing is key to clearing this challenge as quickly as possible. Will you rescue everyone unharmed? Let's see you in action!

How to Play

Your only tool is your mouse! Use the Left Click to press the character's icons and send them to distract Rippen. Calculate your moves carefully, so you will always be able to send someone in case one distraction was not enough. Also, every stage has a timer, so you better hurry up!

Your main goal is to rescue all the toys and not let Rippen smash them! For that, Penn Zero, Sashi Kobayashi, and Boone Wiseman have prepared some planes to get quickly into action and distract him! Also, after they finish their attack, they will have a cooldown before they can go again.

If a toy gets scared and you have not sent anyone to distract Rippen yet, you can call it back when it's safe for it to go. Make sure you don't call for it too late, as it can result in it getting smashed! If somehow a toy gets destroyed, you will lose one health point, and if you lose all three, it's game over!

Are you ready to help out the team and save every fluffy toy? Penn Zero is counting on you to lead them and get everyone to safety! Do you think you got what it takes to complete this challenge?