Crash & Bernball

Join a wacky game of Pinball around the house in the Crash & Bernstein: Crash & Bernball game! Pick a room, turn it upside down and aim for a high score!

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Your favorite puppet is wreaking havoc in the Crash & Bernstein: Crash & Bernball game! It seems that the funny hero wants to play an unusual game of Pinball, and you're invited to join! Crash is a real trickster, so he is throwing this challenge around the house. Are you ready to join in for some fun?

Your job here is to become the winner of this Pinball challenge and earn the highest scores. To do this, you will have to show off your good aim and strategy! Pick a room to play in, then make sure not to drop your ball off the board. Are you skilled enough for this mission?

How to Play

Get ready to launch Crash into the room! For this challenge, all you will need is your keyboard. Hold the Down arrow, and release to throw the puppet as far away as possible. After that, you can control the flippers with the Left and Right keys or shake the screen by pressing X and C.

Are you ready to mess up the Bernstein apartment? When you first start the game, you will have two options to choose from. Will you play in the living room, or will you show off your skills in Jasmine's room? Each one has a separate scoreboard, so make sure to earn as many points as possible!

Your task is to hit the objects around each room and increase your score. Just pay attention and prevent the ball from falling off the bottom of the screen. The game will end after all your five chances are used up.

You will earn extra points for destruction. Therefore, you have to do your best and mess up the Bernstein apartment together with Crash. The trickster puppet will be proud of you, and the highest score will be yours! Run into each object and create chaos wherever you go!

Good luck catapulting your friend across the room! Join the hero of Crash & Bernstein and have some fun together! Can you be the best Pinball player?