Dino Run: Escape Extinction

Run for your life in Dino Run: Escape Extinction game! Dash through a prehistoric world filled with obstacles and save your dino from a fiery end.

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About Dino Run: Escape Extinction Game

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Ready for a roaring good time? The Dino Run: Escape Extinction game takes you back to the age of dinosaurs! A big meteorite has just crashed on Earth, and now everything's in chaos. Lava is everywhere, and all the critters - dinosaurs, birds, and more - are running for their lives!

You get to be the hero for a little dinosaur who's super scared. Help him dash away from the fiery lava and reach a safe place, and you could change history! But be quick - lots of obstacles are in the way!

How to Play

Navigating your dinosaur is really straightforward with these controls:
- Left and Right arrow keys / A and D: Move left and right
- W / Up arrow key: Jump
- S / Down arrow key: Duck
- Shift: Speed Boost (when feet sparkle)

Feeling brave? The game offers different levels of difficulty to test your skills. You can choose from Easy, Medium, Hard, and even Insane if you think you can handle it.

In this game, your primary aim is to outrun a scary Wall of Doom - that wall of fiery lava coming right at you! You need to skedaddle and dodge it to get to safety. But it's not a simple sprint; you'll have a lot of things to dodge. Humps in the terrain, chasms to leap over, fallen trees, and even other gigantic dinosaurs and rivers will try to slow you down.

As you race against the clock, you can collect eggs scattered throughout the land. These eggs are super important - they help preserve your dinosaur species and even earn you extra lives. Some eggs are even super special and can give you additional powers.

You'll also find bones and DNA. Bones unlock new speedy runs and cool downloadable rewards. DNA can be used to make your dino stronger and more capable.

You'll have the chance to improve these key abilities:
- Speed: Determines how fast you can run.
- Jump: Affects how high you can leap.
- Accel: Controls how quickly you can reach your top speed.
- Strength: Dictates how easily you can move obstacles like boulders and meteorites.

What makes this game extra fun?

You can:
- Push hot meteorites into other dinos to clear your path.
- Duck in the air for a surprise air attack.
- If you're super good, earn bonus points by riding large boulders or meteorites.

Strategies and Tips

- Master the art of the mid-air duck; it's great for attacking critters and dodging obstacles.
- Super eggs and dactyl eggs are your best friends; collect them whenever you can.
- Want to take out other dinos? Push a hot meteorite their way.
- Playing on higher difficulties earns you more DNA, which means better abilities.

Dino Run is not just another run-of-the-mill game. It's a thrilling escape, a race against time, and a chance to be a dino hero! With cool 1980s arcade vibes, it's a blast from the past that's fun for today!

So why wait? Dive into the prehistoric world and start your dino dash now. Can you escape extinction?