Randy Cunningham Saves Norrisville High

Protect the city against the invaders in the Randy Cunningham Saves Norrisville High game! Avoid getting hit and defeat the creatures to win the battle!

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Oh no! Scary monsters are trying to take over the school in the Randy Cunningham Saves Norrisville High game! Did you ever want to become a ninja? If so, it's time to fight alongside your friend and take down the enemies together!

This is an intense battle, so you need to be on guard at all times. Stand up against the monsters and do your best to avoid their attacks at all costs! To defeat them, you have to hit their weak points until their health bar is depleted. Just hurry up because school is about to be destroyed!

How to Play

It's time to begin the battle! To defeat the creatures, you have to use your mouse and avoid their hits. Watch out for the red circles on the enemies, then tap on them to fight! If you need to change positions to flee from incoming attacks, just click on one of the grey circles.

Becoming a ninja hero is hard work, so you should stay focused and watch out for the monsters! The battle is fast-paced, and you have to react as quickly as possible. Keep your eyes on the screen, and pay attention to the enemies' movements! This way, you will surely avoid taking damage.

You only have 3 lives, so you should do your best to stay safe. Every time you get hit, you will lose a chance. Your goal is to win the battle and move on to the next stage. However, if you run out of lives, you will have to restart from the beginning!

Remember to watch your enemy's health bar as well! Attacking is not difficult if you time your moves right, but the fights can be very long. Pyramid Face, Sonic Darobo, and the rest of the monsters are tough, so you have to keep up with them and defeat all the evil critters. Only then the Norrisville High will be safe!

Well, what are you waiting for? Join Randy and show off your ninja abilities in battle! You're the only one who can take down the scary creatures!