Kirby Buckets: Scrawl & Brawl

Find the stolen sketches and save the day in the Kirby Buckets: Scrawl & Brawl game! Collect the drawings and look for Dawnzilla to teach her a lesson!

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About Kirby Buckets: Scrawl & Brawl Game

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If you have a passion for drawing, you have to give the Kirby Buckets: Scrawl & Brawl game a try! Having a sister is not easy, because they always steal your things. This time, Dawnzilla has got all of Kirby's drawings, and he needs your help to get them back. Will you help your friend in his search for the lost items?

You have to join Kirby for this adventure! Your job is to look for the drawings through the school, Forest Hill, or finally, in Dawnzilla's room. Make sure to stay safe and avoid all the obstacles to complete your mission!

How to Play

You will need to guide your buddy through the map and make your way towards the missing drawings. To do this, you will need a keyboard. Press the Left and Right arrow keys to move or the Up button to jump. If you want to attack your enemies, all you have to do is tap the Spacebar or hold X to block.

Kirby Buckets has prepared seven stages of adventures for you to try. Make your way to Dawnzilla, and collect weapons or even friends to aid you in battle. Collect your swords and find the lost drawings for a chance to win!

You will need to use your drawing skills throughout the game. Paint your character's face, or customize your weapons to look as cool as possible. After that, you will even come across the drawing board, which will let you create a trampoline that will help you jump high up.

As you come across monsters and spikes, you will slowly lose health points. Don't worry, because you can find hearts scattered across the map, which will replenish your life bar. If you're aiming for a high score, you will also have to collect the stars, so make sure to pay attention to all items!

What else you should know

Some enemies can be defeated in just a few blows, while others will put up a fight. Don't be afraid to use the drawings' help to take down the monsters. Once you reach Belinda, you can call for Tri-Butt, Dr. Gut Punch, or Macho Taco to come to the rescue!

Well, are you ready to find the stolen sketches? Join Kirby Buckets and defeat Dawnzilla to save the day!

Good luck!