The Galactic Rescue

Play the Wander over Yonder: The Galactic Rescue game to defeat Lord Hater! High five as many aliens as you can to spread positive energy in the universe!

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Don't miss out on the Wander over Yonder: The Galactic Rescue game if you feel a little down! Wander is a beloved Disney hero who dreams of spreading peace and happiness to every planet in the universe. Would you like to join him and Sylvia, his trusted steed?

They are up against Lord Hater, one of the most menacing villains in the universe. With the help of his acolytes, the Watchdogs, he wants to spread negative emotions on every planet. Stop him right now!

The game consists of three exciting levels, each one taking place on a different planet. That sounds like such an exciting intergalactic journey! Your mission is simple: high-five all the citizens and imprison Lord Hater's minions. Head out on this adventure and try to cheer up everyone you meet!

How to Play

Let's learn how to ride Sylvia! You have to use the Left and Right arrow keys to move on the screen. To jump, simply press the Up arrow! Besides, you even have a bubble gun, which you can use to capture Lord Hater's minions. To use it, all you need to do is press the Space Bar at the right moment. It's so fun to see the Watchdogs fly away in the balloons, called Orbbles!

Be on the lookout for the citizens of the planet you are visiting! To gain points by the end of the level, you need to give them high-fives. Therefore, you should always jump on the balloons, platforms, and other objects to look for aliens that you can cheer up. After all, that's Wander's job!

Enemies are vile in this game! What is more, they are everywhere! You will need to learn how to deal with them. Of course, you can shoot at the small Watchdogs with the Orbble Gun. However, when Lord Hater shows up with his spaceship, you'll need to run. His Hate Ray will deplete your health! Whenever you lose all of it, you'll have to restart the level. Yikes!

What else should you know

Be on the lookout for anything that can help you out in this battle! For instance, if you glance at the upper left corner of the screen, you can see your character's stats/ Are you running low on life or Orbble gun ammo? Don't worry! Just look around closely!

There are two types of extras in this game. The first one is to pick up Jellyfish pies to improve your health stats! Also, if your Orbble Gun isn't working anymore, you must find a blue Orbble Bottle to refill it. Jump as high as you can and try to grab it!

At the end of each level, you'll find out just how well you did! Can you earn three stars? To do so, you'll need to high five as many aliens as you can and trap Watchdogs using your gun. It's not going to be easy to max out each level, but it will surely be fun!