The Helpin' Hands

Wander and Sylvia are exploring a new planet in the Wander over Yonder: The Helpin’ Hands game! Assist the citizens in need and become the best helper now!

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About The Helpin' Hands Game

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Hop on your spaceship and discover a new planet in the Wander over Yonder: The Helpin' Hands game! It seems that the place has many citizens in need, and you are the right person to help them! Wander and Sylvia are ready and willing to lend a hand to the galactic beings. Will you join them for this task?

Get ready to lead the rescue mission! Your job here is to explore the uncharted lands and follow the arrows. You have four days to save as many creatures as you can, so do your best to stay out of danger. Your companion will surely help you as well! 

How to Play

Before you begin this challenge, you have to understand the basics. Luckily, you can guide Wander either with your mouse or by using the keyboard. Use the arrow keys to move, or click on the screen to make your friend follow. If you are playing on a tablet, you can even tap on the screen, and Wander will get moving.

You have 4 days to help the citizens and make them happy again. Water some flowers, save the creatures, and avoid the evil minions. The more you progress, the more tasks you will have, so get prepared! Can you reach the end safely?

There is so much to be done on the new planet! From herding pigs towards mud pits to looking for the missing rock babies, the tasks never end! Even so, you should keep doing good deeds to earn bonus points. You might earn 3 stars for your efforts at the end of each stage!

The real challenge begins during the fourth level! Sylvia is sitting on an egg, and the more often you call for her, the colder it will get. If it is not warm enough, your friend won't fly over to help you defeat the evil minions. Time your moves right and stay out of danger to become the best helper! 

Well, are you ready for an adventure? Join your buddies from Wander over Yonder and explore the new planet together! Lend a helping hand and watch your score go up!