Attic Stuff Golf

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Play Attic Stuff Golf

About Attic Stuff Golf Game

Prepare yourself to explore Dipper and Mabel Pines` attic. How can you do this? By simply playing mini golf in the Attic Stuff Golf Game, a challenging game that puts your mind at work while also being catchy and entertaining.

Select between Dipper and Mabel and begin your adventure through Grunckle Stan`s attic. Play mini golf through the peculiar objects that lay around in that attic using a rolling eye instead of the traditional golf ball. You have the option to choose between one or two players that take part in the game, so you can play with your family or friends and show them your amazing golf skills. All you need to do is to click on the box where the rolling eye stands so you can set a starting point. To point the direction and fix the power of the shot, just click, hold and move the mouse. The character will move likewise, and there will be an arrow indicating the direction and the power. Your shot only goes where you direct it to go.

The game has many levels. As you advance, the levels will get more difficult and harder to pass. But we know that you can do it! In the beginning, you can not use more than 5 strokes. If you exceed them, the limit will be set to 6 and so on. Be careful and try not to consume your strokes, though, because you will have to start again, from level 1. If you hit additional stuff present in the attic with the ball, you get extra points. So aim well and hit as many things as you can, while also shooting at the final target.

The character that you play will be there to give you some extra tips at the beginning of every level, so do not worry, you will be the best golf player that Gravity Falls has ever seen. All you need to do is to take this challenge. Are you up to it?

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