Play Disney Channel - Snowman-O-Rama Game and build an impressive snowman! Choose the shapes and the best accessories for your new ice-cold fellow!

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In the Disney universe, we are in the middle of winter time, and everybody is enjoying the huge mountains of snow to the maximum. All your favorite characters are out playing and fooling around in this awesome season. Many Disney celebrities are having a great time playing here on the Disney Channel - Snowman-O-Rama Game! Join the fun together with characters from Liv and Maddie, Gravity Falls, Jessie, Phineas and Ferb, Dog with a Blog and many others!

Besides doing the same old angels in snow and having some snowball fights, they are also doing something extraordinarily special, and by that I mean snowmen. But not the traditional third layered, carrot-nosed, round ones, oh, no. They are using very unusual shapes to create them such as rhombs trapezes, squares, and even rectangles.

Why such strange things? Because they want to build for real and have some very tall snowmen to impress the neighbors and their friends. I am sure that you would like that too, so go ahead and let your imagination run free and create one that is your own.

How to Play

Drag the blocks from the box and place them on the platform however you wish. You can also turn it around if its shape does not fit with your plans and wishes. Rotate it as much as you can and see where is the best place to put it. After you have decided, drop it there and go to the next block. Make the same moves until it reaches the green line. After it does that, you will be able to start decorating.

If you would like your snowman to be rather massive, there is no problem in exceeding that limit as much as you wish, so why not do it? When you are done assembling the parts, go the extra mile and decorate it. Choose from the items below the ones that fit your personality best, even though it might look weird in the end, it is more important to show your character to the world rather than creating something common.

Pick yourself up whatever you want from a vast variety of mouths, clothes and other accessories that are all the vogue for snowmen and snow-women this winter. Give your snowmen a bit of personality by ingeniously combining all those items!

What else you should know

Take care though how you build your friend because it is not rare for snow to collapse very fast. Try to place it in such a way that it doesn`t fall all over the place and messes up everything. The higher it will be, the more difficult to handle it will become. If it gets too high to be seen as a whole at once, use the bar to scroll up and down.

Do not forget to catch the falling presents from the sky because they carry bonus decorations for your work of art. It is always a pleasant surprise to open a gift you can see how excited you and the person who gave it to you are at the same time.

Make the most marvelous snowman that has ever been seen on the Disney lands and make everyone proud of our snow related driving skills. Create one for every level and impress even some contest judges with our ingenious way to sort thing up.