Join Jessie in a New York Adventure!

Join the world's greatest nanny and her adorable little clients by playing the Jessie Games! The thrilling games help you meet and get to know the stars of a world-famous TV series. Jessie is an American comedy television series created by Pamela Eells O'Connell that first aired on Disney Channel on September 30, 2011.  The episodes follow Jessie Prescott, played by the talented Debby Ryan, a young woman who leaves her strict family to move to The Big City. Naive and fresh-faced, she somehow manages to get a job as a nanny. However, she is not just any kind of nanny, and her clients are most definitely peculiar!

The small town girl really hits the jackpot! She manages to get a job as a live-in nanny for a multi-millionaire family living on the Upper West Side. The family includes Mr. and Ms. Ross, a pair of jet-setting parents who are never home, and their four rambunctious children. With the help of Bertram, the sarcastic Butler, and Tony, the young doorman, she embarks on grand adventures in New York.

Will she manage to survive the big city life? Luckily, she always has the support and love of the children in her care...and Mr. Kipling, of course, the pet iguana. To join this bubbly young woman in her adventures, play the Jessie Games. You'll surely have a blast!

Meet the world's most unusual nanny!

Jessie is a small town girl with big dreams. The 24-year old moved out of her parent's home, rebelling against her father. The former marine didn't agree with his only daughter moving to New York on her own. Honestly, he was right! Jessie manages to lose all her money just after moving to the Big Apple. Luckily, she bumps into the wealthy Ross family and gets hired as a nanny immediately!

She moves into the Ross Mansion with the four children, the butler, and the doorman. Somehow, she completes the family dynamic perfectly! Can you help her perfect her organizational skills? Try the Jessie Party Planner game to give her a hand.

Jessie is young, beautiful, brilliant and compassionate. Her out-going and friendly personality helps her immediately bond with the children and her co-workers. Generally, she is responsible and resourceful, but sometimes even she manages to mess up! Luckily, she has a huge heart and plenty of friends willing to help. Her kindness and friendliness play a big part in Jessie's relationship with the children. She genuinely cares about their well-being, which makes her the best nanny for the Ross children!

A challenge for Jessie - four children with attitude!

Our young nanny finds herself in quite a pickle! She has to take care of four children of different ages, with very unique personalities. Will she manage to keep them safe and find a solution for all of the problems that arise in any family? Find out by playing the Jessie Games!

Emma is the oldest of the bunch and the only biological child of the Mr. and Ms. Ross.  The teenager might seem like a ditsy blonde at first, but first impressions can be deceiving! Surprisingly, she turns out to be an intelligent and ambitious young woman, who cares a lot about her family. Naturally, she sometimes goes through a rebellious streak, but it's part of her charm!

Luke is the second oldest child of the Ross family. He was adopted when he was just four. This joker is up to no good, always planning mischief or playing a prank! However, he is very charismatic and popular at school, even if his grades aren't the best. He gets along well with his brothers, despite the fact that he always plays tricks on them!

Ravi is only slightly younger than Luke, but he certainly is a lot different! The young boy was adopted from India, and he didn't come alone! He also brought along Mr. Kipling, his pet iguana. This shy, intelligent boy can be called a stereotypical nerd! He enjoys video games and isn't much into sports.

Zuri is the youngest of the family. She was adopted from Africa when she was very young. Throughout the show, we watch this adorable little girl grow into a very sassy and sarcastic adolescent. Her sweet nature and irresistible cuteness get her out of almost every situation!

Adventures of a peculiar family

Bertram, the butler, and Tony, the doorman, also play a part in all the incredible experiences Jessie and the kids take part in. Their input turns out to be invaluable, especially when the situation seems desperate and the young nanny feels overwhelmed. In fact, you can witness a problem getting out of control first hand by playing Jessie’s Run game. However, the Ross family has a lot of fun together. Just check out the band they form in the Catch the Beat game! You'll surely have a blast!

If you haven't figured out yet, the Ross family is certainly unusual! The two parents love their children very much and provide them with everything they need, but their busy jobs don't allow them to spend much time with their children. Clearly, their children are really unique, so they require a truly one-of-a-kind nanny. The Ross family has four children, and three of them are adopted! Wherever they may come from, Zuri, Luke, Raj, and Emma prove that all families are unique.

After all, related or not, the in-house staff and the children prove that, in the end, love and kindness are what really brings people together!
Tag along on their journey and witness what makes a family truly great by playing the Jessie Games!

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