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Play Sticker Stacker game and collect beautiful stickers with your favorite Disney characters! Play the game as a challenge or in the simple, quick way!

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What would you say if we tell you that you have the chance to create a beautiful collection of stickers with your favorite Disney characters from the most famous TV shows? In the Sticker Stacker game, you have the opportunity to do this thing, and you can show everyone your fantastic collection after that.

Before you start the game, decide on what stickers you would like to collect first. They can be with Jessie, Liv and Maddie, Austin and Ally, What the What, Dog with a Blog, Girl meets World, I did not do it, or K.C. Undercover. In each Disney team, you have to look after some stickers you are required to find. Before the level starts, the stars from the TV shows will tell you what stickers they need. You have to find three different labels per level before the time runs out.

When you finish the missions for one team, you can move to another and so go on. You can play the game in two ways. You can play it quickly and look for the stickers that appear on the lower side of your screen, or you can play this game as a challenge and let the characters from the shows tell you what to look for. When you finish with one group of stickers, you can see your collection in the menu session. You will have the stickers sorted by the show they are from.

Collect only the most colorful stickers for a great collection, and show it to everyone.