Kickin' It: Sparring Master

Join Jack and Kim and get ready for the Karate tournament in the Kickin' It: Sparring Master game! Practice with your friends for 7 days and have fun!

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Have you ever wanted to train at the Bobby Wasabi Academy? If so, you have to try the Kickin' It: Sparring Master game! Rudy is preparing for a tournament, and now is your chance to join the dojo! Will you enroll with Jack and Kim and practice your skills together?

Get ready for the competition and keep fighting for 7 days! Choose your favorite character between Jack and Kim, and help him improve by sparring. Pay attention to the screen and do your best to master every move! Do you have what it takes to become a master before the tournament?

How to Play

Get ready to spar with Rudy until the big day! To begin your training session, all you need is your mouse. Follow the arrows on the screen with your cursor, and your character will start to fight! Be careful not to rush, or you might lose some points!

Your first step is to choose your favorite character! Will you play as Jack, or will you choose Kim, the only girl in the Wasabi Dojo? No matter which one you choose, you will have to help your friend complete all 7 days of the training.

Your pals from the Bobby Wasabi Academy have prepared new and increasingly difficult challenges for each day. The more you progress, the harder it will be to earn your 3 stripes! Remember not to rush because martial arts require lots of training and patience to perfect. Will you be able to prove your fighting skills and become a Sparring Master?

Throughout each level, you will be able to use power-ups that will help improve your score. Pay attention to the screen, and click on the boosts to activate them! If you don't, you will lose their effects. Still, your main goal is to earn as many combos as possible, so do your best to focus!

Are you ready to begin your training week? Join your friends from Kickin' It and prove that you are a capable fighter! Spar with your favorite Karate heroes, and get ready for the tournament!