The Puzzle Tournament is in danger in Liv and Maddie: Jigsaw-a-Rooney Game. Save it from the crazy toys that went out of control! Have fun!

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The famous twins have prepared especially for you an entirely new kind of game. You have probably already heard what puzzles are and already know the rules. They are not that difficult, after all. Just drag around the pieces until you have found the right place for each one of them. I bet that even our grandparents played it that way in their childhood! However, now the time has come to make some cool changes to this old fashioned way of playing in Liv and Maddie: Jigsaw-A-Rooney game.

Not only that in this version, all the puzzles are made out of pictures of your favorite TV show and your favorite characters, but they also have some challenges that are waiting for you. Already excited? Then let us pop straight into the game.

How to Play

So, everything started with the Ridgewood High's annual jigsaw puzzle where Liv had to pick some toy prizes for the winners, but as she was sleeping, something not so good happened. All the toys have gone crazy, and they are causing havoc over the contest. Now it is time her sister came and gave our Hollywood princess some help with the mess. Using their talents, they will cast away and fix any wicked toy before they mess up everything. Make yourself useful and give them a hand!

Choose one of the available levels and start by solving the puzzle. You will be able to choose from more than one. Since the difficulty of each one is different, I suggest you start with the easiest one and go for them one by one. This way, you will get better gradually, and you will maximize the fun out of the game.

Once you selected whatever level you wanted, start by placing the pieces in the right places. Don't worry if it is too simple for you at first because it really gets more difficult over time. Many hazards will come your way so be prepared for them.

Complete all the puzzles

At first, you will meet the Inactive toy. This little fellow ran out of energy as he jumped up and down around all night and cannot move at all. Because of his immobility, he will occupy precious space in the puzzle tray. As there come more and more of them, there will not be any room left for the new puzzle pieces, and without the parts, there is no puzzle. Get rid of them by using the battery power up. It will re-energize the toy, and it will leave as soon as possible.

Further on other nasty little troublemakers will make their appearance. The Thieves are here to steal your coins, and they are looking forward to taking a big loot, three hundred coins more precisely. Show them that it is not right to steal and call the jigsaw police with the Siren power up. Once used, it will scare the little thieves out of our game for good. Be careful they usually come in pairs, so keep a lookout for them.

Use the power-ups to your advantage!

Another thing that might ruin things up is the Blocker. Even though he seems small, orangey and fluffy, he is, in fact, a little pain. He will go straight to the empty spots left on the puzzle board and will occupy them so that you will not be able to put any piece on it. There is a way to make them go away, though. Once they hear Liv beautiful voice, they are as good as nothing and will flee before the song ends. Use the microphone power up, and they will disappear in a blink of an eye.

There is also an ultimate power-up that will remove all the crazy toys from the screen immediately, and that is the Multi-ball. It will throw so many balls at them that they will not know what came after them. Use it in case of emergency because it costs quite a fortune, somewhere around nine hundred coins. Honestly, all these power-ups cost money, but the other ones are much more affordable. You will obtain the money to buy them each time you place a piece correctly on the board. If you manage to put more the two or three ones in a row, you will receive bonuses for that!

Finish all the four levels and save the jigsaw tournament from these unpleasant little monsters, and make sure that Liv and Maddie have the best time of their lives! Do not be discouraged you lose, just press replay and give it one more shot.

Good luck!