The story of Liv and Maddie

It is very common for Disney Channel to create awesome shows that keep you entertained and that make you wait long for another episode. They have been doing that for a long time, but lately, they managed to bring out a show that exceeds any expectation because of its originality and because of how it makes you laugh to tears. Not only that it is great to watch it with your whole family and with your friends, but it is guaranteed to brighten up your day even from the theme song at the beginning. I bet you have already guessed about which one I am talking here, and you are perfectly right. It is all about Liv and Maddie.

The show follows the story of two girls, more precisely two identical twins, and how they grew up separated. Because one of them is really talented in acting, she managed to go from an early age to Hollywood, and there she played a character in a famous TV show. Nobody could say anything wrong about her, plus her hair was always amazing and her clothes too. But time to return home has come, and Liv found herself in an entirely unusual situation, especially for a sister. She couldn`t get along with her sister anymore, all this time spent apart had made them so different from each other, and now it is so difficult for her to catch up. And besides her sister, now she has to get used to going to a regular school too. New kids, new teachers everything new.

The good thing is that she is at least still popular. Almost everybody likes her but having colleagues that are also your greatest fans can sometimes be bothering. But her sister is always there to help her get out of difficult situations, even though she is basically her polar opposite. Some of the differences are quite obvious, and you can also notice that while playing Liv and Maddie - Find Your Twin Profile Game.

Unlike Liv, Maddie is more like a tomboy. She loves doing sports, and she is extraordinary at basketball! You could even call her a star. She is the kind of girl that would never say no to a possible adventure, no matter if it might turn out risky. Her confidence is also fueled by the fact she has a sister, and she knows that there will always be someone to pull her out of problems. You too can go on adventures along with them while playing in the Liv and Maddie Games!

Meet Liv and Maddie twins

With a twist of her golden curly locks, Liv mesmerizes everybody. Her fashion style is infallible, and nobody can find a flaw in it and nor in her makeup just like in the Disney Channel Fashion Studio Game. She learned a lot about how to look good while she was in Hollywood and she makes good use of it. Sometimes she even gives makeovers to her friends when they are in desperate a need for one. She will not miss any occasion to wear the highest heels in the closet even if her feet might kill her later.

Liv is also brave enough to wear fancy and bold outfits at the school, where people could be mean to her. Her future is bright, and she already has a great career in the film industry at only fifteen years old! What a dream life for a girl.

At the other pole is her sister. She is also very popular in her high school, but not for playing any role on television. Maddie instead owes her popularity to the fact that she won every basketball competition she ever played in. Even though she is a girl, she proves to be very strong physically, and mentally as well. Maddie is also very dedicated to sports and to her studies especially. In Are You Liv or Maddie? Game, where she is practicing her skills, she would not skip classes for anything under the sun. Her competitive side pushes her towards victory every time, and it also helps her to get good grades.

However, sometimes it does not do her too much good. Because of it, she sometimes gets into big fights with her family and friends, but in the end, she always seems to realize that she was mistaken and apologizes for it. After all, they are family, and they will love each other no matter what. One can see that clearly only by watching their scrapbooks full of memories. You can even make one for yourself in Liv and Maddie - Scrapbook Designer Game!

Be a part of their lives and become like a close friend to them by playing with them, helping them out when they are in need, or even teaching them a thing or two as you browse through the Liv and Maddie Games.

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