American Dragon Games

Here you can find a valuable American Dragon Games collection featuring Jake Long, well known from the famous American Dragon TV series. Enjoy the play!

About Jake Long and American Dragon

American Dragon Jake Long games are inspired by the animated productions that hit the screens in between 2005 to 20017. Among the many characters present in this series, Jake long is quite exceptional. As the name suggests, Jake is the American Dragon, who is a brash and cocky teen with capabilities of shapeshifting into a reptilian alter ego, hence acting as a champion for the magical creatures seeking a living in the human world secretly. Jeff Goode developed him and the first time he is presented, he is a young teenager who has to survive a hectic life.

Jonathan and Susan are Jake’s parents and together with his younger sister, Haley Long, reside in New York City. Jake was born in family line with dragon powers. Therefore, the community sees him as the true heir of this powers and look upon him for protection. He has two closest pals, Arthur “Spud” Spudinski and Trixie Carter, whom he likes skateboarding with. Although Jake’s powers remained a secret at his early age, before celebrating his 13th birthday he begins to feel the power of dragons. The first time it happened at a competition he was participating alongside Brad Morton and accidentally breathed fire.

Regardless of his father’s lack of information that Jake is a dragon, his grandfather takes him through classes about the way he can diligently utilize the powers he holds. In these teachings, another character named Fu Dog, who is 600 years old and anthropomorphic, joins the two. The two explain to Jake that his mission is to make use of the dragon superpowers to keep the magical creatures safeguarded since they are under constant threat of attacks from the malevolent creatures. Among these antagonists is the most feared Huntsclan, headed by Huntsman. As the only dragon being to hail from the United States, his duty is meant to ensure that all the magical beings seeking asylum in the country feel and are secure.

The magic behind the games

American Dragon Jake Long games normally entail finishing an objective that is initiated by Jake’s paranormal skills. Since he is still a schoolchild, he makes sure his personals errands do not collide with the academics. When playing the games, a player will likely realize a huge usage of folklore and fantasy creatures in addition to funny distinctive cases that introduce comics inside the play, hence eliminating boredom.

The games also feature a woman which is a close friend of Jake, whose name is Rose. She is set to become Jake’s girlfriend. What Jake does not understand is the fact that Rose is an apprentice of Huntsman. Thus, the gaming series is full of suspense because a player has to strike a balance of several things. First, his father is unaware of his dragon capabilities, not to mention he is the chosen one to save and protect the city creatures. Second, he is a student who must avoid as much as possible to run into trouble with the school management. Finally, love is blind and Rose might lead him into trouble with his number one rival, Mr. Huntsman.

Also in this series, you will find other antagonists that appear in select scenes but play a vital role. One such character is a German Ph.D. professor, known as Rotwood. He faces a few challenges, such as being discredited as a professional scientist simply because he believed in supernatural powers. He was demoted to a high school teaching role, but astonishingly, he can see the various magical happenings in Jake’s life. Others are Dark Dragon and Eli Excelsior. The latter is seen as a famous wizard. Also important to mention is that, as a dragon, you must follow some established rules. For instance, it is the duty of a dragon to ensure that normal human beings are not introduced to the magical world. In case this happens unintentionally, it is the duty of the dragons to delete the revelation, including the slightest leakage of them being supernormal.

Overall, American Dragon Jake Long Games are an enjoyable series that are going to keep a player glued to the screen. The directors of Walt Disney should receive praise for their ability to bring supernatural powers into the world of the living for protection purposes. Jake, together with other characters, has influenced the series in a positive manner.

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