Jake's Pinball Inferno

Score as many points as possible in Jake's Pinball Inferno game! Use the arrow keys to move the pinball flippers and the down arrow key to launch the ball!

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About Jake's Pinball Inferno Game

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Jake claims to be the strongest dragon ever, but for this fact to be true, he needs to pass some yet new tests! He needs to be prepared to handle every situation that comes in his way. Jake’s Pinball Inferno game is another method of training his skills and become a better American Dragon. You can also help him with this task he has if you want to. All you need to do is to play the original pinball game but in the much more fun and entertaining style of the American Dragon.

The gameplay is straightforward, you only need to use the left, right and down arrow keys on your keyboard. To launch the ball at the beginning of the game, keep the down arrow key pressed, in order to tighten the spring that will initially hit the ball. The better this spring is compressed, the faster the ball will be launched! Once the spring is entirely compressed, just lift your finger from the Down arrow key to release it. At this point, the ball will be launched, and all you need to do is to keep the ball on the table as long as you can, by pushing the left and right arrow keys to work the pinball flippers.

How to Play

Try to gain as many points as possible by hitting different targets on the pinball table. Make use of the different bumbers which can help every now and then with keeping the ball longer on the table. When you manage to hit specific targets, the lights will flash, and some bonus points will be added to your score. In all this time, try to focus on the pinball flippers and prevent the ball from falling from the table at all costs!

If you manage to place the ball in the hole positioned on the upper side of the table, right in the center, you will get even more points. Besides, this will push the ball even further on a new table placed on top of the first one. There you can make use of a new pair of flippers, and gain even more points while exploring the bumpers in that area! 

If you drop the ball outside the pinball game, you will have to start the game again, using the other shots that you have left. When all the balls are over, the game will end, and you will be able to check your final score and see if you managed to become a dragon pinball master.

If you think that you did great on the game, you can submit your score, then play again, and try to beat it. On the other hand, you can play the game again and do better. Whatever option you choose, you will certainly have fun playing with the American Dragon.